jug statue thinking man

This is a 3,800 year-old pottery jug with a rare statuette, discovered during excavation in central Israel, at the Israel Antiquities Authority offices in Jerusalem November 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

New archaeological discoveries happen all the time in Israel. In fact, it is archaeology that unveils the historicity of God’s Word for us over and over again.

It was just reported that a very interesting jug made out of pottery was discovered in Israel. Found at an excavation at Yehud near Tel Aviv, the jug had a very rare statue attached to the top of it. Authorities are calling it the “thinking man’s statue.” The Israel Antiquities Authority said that the jug dates back to the Middle Bronze or Canaanite Period. This means it dates to around 1,800 BC, or the middle of this Middle Bronze/Canaanite Period. This means that this jug dates to around the time of Joseph in the Bible.

ancient thinking man middle bronzeWhat this seven inch statue represents is a leading question. Gilad Itach, the lead archaeologist of the excavation, said, “One can see that the face of the figure seems to be resting on its hand as if in a state of reflection.”  While other vessels and metal items were found (e.g. daggers, arrowheads, an axe head, and bones, etc…), Itach said “the collection seemed to be funeral offerings, likely of an important member of an ancient community.” He added, “To the best of my knowledge such a rich funerary assemblage that also includes such a unique pottery vessel has never before been discovered in the country.

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