Jerusalem old city

Standing on the Mt. of Olives, with the Old City Jerusalem in the background!

Every follower of Christ should travel to Israel at least once in their lifetime! Quite simply, it is a spiritual investment in your walk of faith with God. Nothing will accelerate, excite, and deepen your faith in Christ more than an Israel trip to the land of the Bible, the place where it all happened!

A trip to Israel is like reading a “5th Gospel.” A trip allows you to envision the many biblical stories taking place in front of your eyes! To walk in the footsteps of Jesus is indescribably life-transforming! There are no words to explain the experience! Additionally, a trip to Israel will not only help you understand God’s Word in context, but it will touch your heart and inspire your life as a follower of Jesus! Of the 100s of people who have traveled with us over the last 50 tours, they all say that there are simply no words that adequately describe their experiences and encounters with God and His Word! That’s why an Israel trip is not only a learning experience, but a life-transforming encounter with the God of the Bible!

Biblical israel ToursIt goes without saying that especially for pastors and Bible teachers traveling to Israel should especially should be consider a must!  A trip to the land of the Bible will change not only your approach in studying God’s Word but will transform how you preach and teach it. Imagine being able to see a text of Scripture in “3-D” color. Imagine being able to interpret a passage of Scripture in context of the archaeological, historical, and geographical world of the Bible! If you are a pastor, an Israel trip would be the most powerful continuing educational experience possible!  It beats any conference, hands-down!  If you are a member of a congregation and your pastor has never been to Israel, please send him/her!  Not only will your pastor benefit from the experience, but your congregation will as well. The preaching and teaching your pastor offers will take on a whole new level of meaning and excitement!

The ministry of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours is twofold:

  • Helping people understand the Bible in the context of the ancient biblical world through leading highly biblical tours to Israel and other lands of the Bible (Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Italy), and
  • Inspiring and exciting believers in their walk of faith with Christ through solid “contextual” teaching of God’s Word. We offer what we “Physical Settings of the Bible” teaching seminars for churches. These are designed to engage congregations with the context and culture of the Bible and to excite people about God’s Word!  It will make the Bible come alive!

Reflecting on the Mt. of Beatitudes. The Sea of Galilee is below.

As God leads and provides, I personally welcome you to join us for a trip to Israel in 2017. Multiple trips are planned in 2017, including a “Footsteps of Paul” Greece Trip-Cruise in October, 2017. All our trips can be seen HERE. If this year may not work, we have trips already scheduled into 2018 as well.

Our ministry is here to serve you!

Dr. John DeLancey

Director, Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours


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