standing on the mt. of olives viewing the Old city of jerualem

The Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from the Mt. of Olives

Calling all churches! Are you looking for a unique, eye-opening, stimulating, and inspiring church-wide weekend experience or spiritual retreat that will make the Bible “come alive” for your congregation? Is your church searching for a learning encounter like none other that will open up the world of the Bible in “3-D” color?  If you are a church who desires to grow in your faith and understanding of God’s Word within the context of learning about ancient Israel, the “playing board” of the land of the Bible, then a “Physical Settings of the Bible” weekend seminar is for you!

Learning the “playing board” of the land of Israel is an important part of studying the Bible. Just like one has to first learn the “playing board” of the game of Monopoly or chess in order to know how the game is played, similarly the student of the Bible must also learn the “playing board” of the Bible (e.g. the physical land of Israel along with the land’s geography, topography, biblical archaeology, etc…). Becoming familiar with this “playing board” enables one to read between the lines and understand the stories of the Bible within the physical context of the land. This is especially true and exciting in regard to better understanding the life and ministry of Jesus!

Physical settings of Israel

Learn the “physical settings” of Israel, the land of the Bible!

Every “Physical Settings of the Bible” is led by Bible teacher and Israel Tour Leader Dr. John DeLancey. After pastoring two evangelical / Bible-believing churches for 26 years, he now serves as the Director of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours. Dr. DeLancey has studied historical geography and biblical archaeology in Jerusalem for one year, has excavated at four different biblical sites in Israel, and has led 51 study tours to Israel to date. Through multi-media Power Point & video presentations (essentially a pictorial Bible Study) that includes a focus upon the historical, geographical, archaeological, and cultural backgrounds of the Bible, this weekend church seminar aims to do three (3) things for you and your congregation:

  • EXCITE your congregation about the Bible. It will enable your church to begin to uniquely see and understand the Bible with a 3-dimensional perspective. The Bible will indeed “come alive” in amazing ways!
  • ENGAGE your congregation in the context of the Bible. This includes becoming familiar with the “playing board” of the Bible. Often times as “western” readers of the Bible, we miss the context in which all the stories of the Bible took place. This includes understanding the Hebraic background of the life and ministry of Jesus.
  • ENCOURAGE your congregation to grow deeper in their faith and understanding of God’s Word. A weekend seminar is not just about bringing new contextual insights to God’s Word, but it will also inspire followers of Christ in their walk of faith!
Pool of Siloam

Dr. DeLancey sitting on the steps of the Pool of Siloam (John 9)

The seminar is divided into six (6) sessions:

  • Introduction: “Physical Settings of the Bible”
  • “Connecting the Dots” – Geography of Israel
  • Archaeology & the Bible
  • Jerusalem in the Old Testament
  • Jerusalem in the Days of Jesus
  • Manners & Customs of the Bible

(Dr. DeLancey has also prepared an supplemental Hebraic Background of the life and ministry of Jesus seminar as well. This can be requested.)

Kh. Qeiyafa

The ancient tel of Khirbet Qeiyafa. It is located along the Elah Valley within the Shephelah (lowlands) of Judah. David defeated Goliath nearby in the Elah Valley

Here a few leading questions you church may have:

  • How do churches schedule a “Physical Settings” seminar? Scheduling a seminar for your church can be done by contacting Dr. DeLancey. Seminars are usually best offered on a weekend (e.g. Friday night – Saturday noon format).  A Saturday – Sunday format (with preaching included) can also be arranged. This would include preaching on Sunday morning and approximately 5-7 hours of teaching.
  • What is the cost of hosting a “Physical Settings” seminar for our church or retreat group?  The suggested donation to the BIMT ministry for a weekend (Friday night – Saturday) that includes 5 to 7 hours of teaching is $500, plus travel expenses. The cost for a Saturday-Sunday format of 5-7 hours of teaching plus preaching on Sunday morning is $750.00, plus travel expenses. Churches can charge a nominal seminar fee for participants, thus essentially covering the cost of the seminar. (Note: For small churches on a limited budget, the speaking fee can be negotiated to make it work for you. No church will be turned down. Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours desires to serve you in any way).
lachish pottery

“Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay; You are the potter.” – Isaiah 64:8).

Visit this WEB PAGE for further details about scheduling Dr. DeLancey for a “Physical Settings of the Bible” seminar. You can reach Pastor John at or by calling 412-999-5697.

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