I am excited for what God has in store for us on this next Israel tour. God has brought together 90 people for this next trip. It will be co-lead by Gordon Govier (biblical archaeology correspondent for Christianity Today magazine and editor of ARTIFAX magazine) and Pastor David Simon from North Carolina. Both Gordon and David have traveled with us before! For me, this will be my 60th Israel trip.

The Itinerary

Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem

The itinerary we wrote for this trip is quite extensive! We head south first (through the Shephelah and Negev). We even spend one night in the Judean Desrt (Hanokdim) before climbing the Roman ramp at Masada the following morning.

We then head north through the Samaritan Hill Country to the Galilee area. The life of Christ comes into full view here!  We plan to stay for 3 nights on the southern end of the Sea of Galilee.

The trip ends in Jerusalem, with many unique experiences that await us here over the course of four full days. We plan to participate in the Temple Mount Sifting Project. We are even in this capital city of Israel when the US Embassy is supposed to move here. It should be an exciting (and crowded) time!

All-in-all, we will see about 60 biblical sites! Daily posts will be made about the trip to allow you to follow our day-to-day experiences.


The Zin desert

The Desert / Canyon of Zin (Numbers 13)

A number of hikes are included on this trip as well. This includes hiking up and down many off-the-beaten-track archaeological sites (Gezer, Qeiyafa, Gath, Lachish, Arad, Avdat, Omrit, Gamla, Hippos, etc…) but also hiking in the Zin Desert, up the Roman ramp at Masada, to Cave 1 at Qumran, and up Arbel in the Galilee. We’ll even enjoy a 30 minute camel ride in the Judean Desert.

Pray for the group

Sunset Sea of Galilee

Sunset on the Sea of Galilee

So please follow us and pray for life-changing encounters over these next two weeks. The tour begins Saturday, with arrival in Israel on Sunday. The tour ends May 18th.

Shalom Shalom!

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