Israel’s History

1948 Newspaper

The Statehood of Israel declared in May, 1948

Israel has a remarkable history. From the days of Abraham (e.g. about 2,000 BC when God promised the land to him and his descendants), to the days of Joshua, David, Solomon (and the 1st Temple in Jerusalem), Jesus (and the 2nd Templein Jerusalem), and through the next 2,000 years of history, God has guided, directed, and protected our Jewish friends! Since 1948 when Israel became a State, this tiny country continues to flourish despite, as we like to say, being a “beautiful house” (e.g. country) in what can be a “very lousy neighborhood” (e.g. populated by enemies like Hamas to the south and Hezbollah to the north, etc…and a number of regional Arab countries who despise Israel’s successes). To be sure, Israel has revived the land on many levels – from the revitalizing of the actual land, to being a world leader in high tech, to the development of medical advancements. Israel is blessed by God and is being a blessing to others!

map of israel

Map of Israel (Judea & Samaria are in green)

While the ministry of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours(BIMT) and all of the study tours and teaching we offer focus primarily on making as many biblicalconnections as possible (e.g. through archaeology, historical geography, and the customs and culture of the Bible), one cannot help but appreciate God’s hand upon the modern State of Israel. By the end of WWII in 1945, Hitler killed 6 million Jews, depleting the Jewish world population by about half. Seventy years ago now in May, 1948 when Israel became a State, the Jewish population in the land was a mere 600,000. Today with 6.3 million Jewish citizens (and about 1.5 million Arab citizens of Israel, something most people don’t know), Israel is a growing the leading country in the region.

Animated Video

A good friend of mine just shared with me a relatively new video about modern Israel. It is produced by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign AffairsIts animated portrayal of Jewish history over the last 2,000 years (and more specifically since 1948) uniquely communicates both the challenges as well as the forward progress of the country of Israel. It is done in a refreshing way that brings a certain reality about Israel forming and now flourishing as a nation.

Here is the video:

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