Today was a full day on one island, Rhodes!  We docked right inside what used to be the Colossus, a 95 foot statue marking the entrance into the harbor (it was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world). What a pretty island this is. Today was also our warmest day, with highs around 90 with full sun. We made the most of our day!

“Today we visited a few more sites that connected us to the ministry of Paul! We saw Thessalonica and Berea. While Paul faced may challenges in these two cities, people still came to faith in Christ! Paul’s boldness and perseverance is seen again!”

Rhodes – Lindos

First we enjoyed a later breakfast while most on the ship departed on paid excursions. So at 8:30 we all departed for the other side of this island.  Our destination was Lindos. Arranging a private bus, we drove an hour along the southeastern coastline to one of the three great cities in Hellenistic days. As we approached the city, we could already see the towering acropolis.

From our drop-off point, we walked to the base of the acropolis before ascending to the top, about a 350 foot climb!  The view of Paul’s Bay” was magnificent from the top!  The archaeology was impressive as well. In the 4th century a grand Temple of Athena stood here. The perimeter of the temple and the steps leading to it still are visible. Surrounding the acropolis today are the Crusader walls built by the Knights of St. John. These were crusaders who developed Rhodes as a fortress from 1307 to 1523 when Suleman the Great (the Ottoman ruler) took the city.

Rhodes – the Port

About 12:30, we met our bus and drove back to the port. Here with Costos’ help we explored the Old City of Rhodes, with walls dating to the Crusader period (and later modified by the Ottomans in the 16th century) and built by the same Knights. We saw the Palace of the Knights of St John as well as walked up the Knight’s Street. The walls of the Old City traverse about 3 miles around the city here. We enjoyed the many shops and most had a bit to eat here before we boarded the ship by 5 p.m.   

On board we enjoyed dinner and then gathered up on the deck at about 7 p.m. to watch the sunset. It was a great day here on Greece’s third largest island!



Old City of Rhodes

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