Today started earlier for 12 in the group, while the others enjoyed a relaxing and casual  morning.  Today was there start of our four-day Aegean-Mediterranean cruise to the islands of Greece!  The weather was sunny, with highs in the 80s.

“Greece is a beautiful country. Inland, the country is filled with mountains, valleys, and scenery I didn’t expect. But today a whole other type of beauty unfolded with boarding the cruise ship and embarking for the islands. Mykonos did not disappoint!”


For 12 in the group, we got up early to hike to the top of Mt. Lycabetus. Leaving at 6:15 we made it to the top just after 7 a.m. Wow… what a great view we had no only of the sunrise but of Athens too! In the distance was the Acropolis. We came back to the hotel to enjoy with the rest of the group a “scenic breakfast” on the top floor of the hotel. From here we could see both the Acropolis and Mar’s Hill (we will visit the site on Friday after the cruise).

Boarding the Cruise

Leaving at 9:30 from the hotel, we arrived at the port of Piraeus for check-in for the ship. Everything went smoothly as we boarded. Following the mandatory safety / life-jacket procedures, we enjoy lunch and a relaxing afternoon.


About 6 p.m. we arrived at the island of Mykonos. We took tender boats from the ship to the picturesque harbor. We then walked with Costos through the maze of shops to the famous windmills of the islands. The sunset was incredible! With the white houses, blue roofs, and windmills, Mykonos gave us a good first taste of the classic Greek islands!

We returned back on the ship on our own. Tonight we “sail” through the night to Kusadasi, a port on the western coast to Turkey, and a visit to Ephesus.



Acropolis Athens
Mykonos windmills

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