I arrived just fine here in Cambodia after about 30 hours of travel. Hot and muggy here, with temps around 95 today. Was preached this morning (with the use of the translator). I met some of the students and they seem eager to learn.

A week of teaching Israel and the Bible begins on Monday in Cambodia. About 25 seminary students from Cambodia and various Asian countries will be taking the class. The physical settings of the Bible will be taught, along with biblical archaeology and historical geography.

Pictures from the class will be forthcoming as this week of teaching begins.

I arrived here in Cambodia late last night after about 30 hours of travel. I met some of the students this morning after I preached. What is special about this opportunity is that they will be learning to read, study, and preach the Bible in the context of the land of Israel! Life-changing I hope. It will be a fun week!”  – Dr. John-
Cambodia ITCS Campus

After the church service today we drove around Phnom Penh a little. Lots of poverty here. Average monthly wages is around $300. But we also went to a new shopping mall with many US and name-brand stores there. There was even a Burger King and a Dairy Queen! Certainly only Cambodia’s upper class come here.

The rest of the day was spent with some of the students. They are extremely nice and grateful I am here.

The teaching begins tomorrow, with night class from 6 – 10 p.m. each night. The reason for the night class is that it will be a bit cooler. Plus the electric sometimes goes out during the day for up to 6 hours I understand. The students also have study and review time in the morning.

Phnom Penh Airport
Phnom Penh markets
Phnom Penh traffic
A view from the back window of ITCS

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