Virtual Tour of Israel

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is a non-profit ministry dedicated to teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel. Shalom! I am the founder Director of BIMT. My name is Rev. Dr. John DeLancey. It is an honor to greet you today.

What I miss most since March are not only the study tours that needed to be postponed (March, May, June, and most likely now August, and September’s Greece trip), but the interaction with people from all over the country (really, world) who join us! I also miss my yearly “fix” of being part of an archaeological dig. Hey, when you love digging in dirt and finding things from the Bible, that’s pretty cool!

During this “non-travel” phase of our world, I am eager to produce teaching resources that will not only bring Israel to you in a digital way, but also excite you about the Bible. This is one reason why I am working hard to develop more teaching resources.

Take for instance, our YouTube Channel. As I posted last week, we have been offering new teaching on various stories of the Bible. These new resources have been in a Keynote/Power Point presentation form that highlight the context and background of many biblical narratives.

Beginning soon will be on-site teachings, with video clips from the land of Israel. This will include some of his latest drone videos of biblical sites. Sites and lessons from both the Old and New Testaments are featured.

You can access our YouTube channel HERE.



I miss leading Israel study trips. These are always filled with fun and teaching & learning opportunities! I am hopeful that our fall Israel trips will happen.”
Hezekiah's Tunnel

I am excited to announce that we are very close to offering our “Biblical Israel By Air” drone video! This will be 68 minute-long of flying over one biblical site after another. There is nothing like it out there in drone footage and in this format! Stay tune about how you can purchase one!

Of course writing a second book has been a daily task. This is now in the tedious editing stages. This is a book that will feature 50 biblical stories. 25 from the OT, and 25 from the NT. Each story is connected to its context through archaeology, history, geography, and customs & culture. Ultimately, it is a book that will offer many life lessons of how we can connect to God and grow in our faith walk with Christ.

As I mentioned, I am hopeful that travel will begin this fall. About Israel travel resuming, it is all up to the Israeli and U.S. governments. (check HERE for an update from the US Embassy). When the country of Israel becomes open and when the U.S. officials allow international flights to resume, we will be going! 🙂 In the meantime we wait on God and His perfect timing.

We welcome you to our web site: We also invite you to join one of our upcoming trips as well! Stay tuned for updates too!




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