Israel Photos Wanted

BIMT is hosting a “Top 10 Israel Photos” Contest! The contest simply works like this.
  1. You are allowed to share one photo that you took. It can be in landscape or portrait format. It is also OK if the photo is color enhanced. We are looking for your best photo!
  2. Please give a title/caption that captures the essence of your photo.
  3. Submit your photo as an attachment and the title (caption) for the photo and email them directly to me at
  4. The deadline is the last day of July (Friday, July 31st).


People take 100s if not 1,000s of pictures on every single tour we lead. We are looking for your very best photo. Kindly submit it to our BIMT Photo Contest. The deadline for submitting is Friday, July 31.”

Types of Photos

It doesn’t matter what type of photo you choose to submit. We will be helped in judging the photos by Dee Weston from Nebraska. Dee has traveled with us about 10 times and is a professional-quality photographer who has traveled all over the world. Photos will be judged based on composition, contrast, and uniqueness.


Top photo winners will be rewarded too! Rewards will include:
  • First available DVD or Thumb Drive of “Biblical Israel By Air” Drone Video
  • A BIMT engraved Hydroflask
  • A signed copy of Devotional Treasures from the Holyland.
  • And more…
This should be a fun context! In this “no-travel” season it will be wonderful to view that perfect picture of yours! Thanks for sharing! Early August is when we will let you know the results. We will posted recognize the winners for everyone to see. Thanks for participating in this fun event!
Western Wall

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