A New Teaching about Israel

I’m excited to announce to you another on-line teaching we are offering. It’s called “Traveling Tuesdays.” It will once again be through the Zoom platform. It begins Tuesday, September 15th at 8:30 pm. I hope you can join us. Read about all the details below (and also watch a drone video of Caesarea too…. below).
Featured in this teaching will be drone videos and aerial photography of biblical sites. To see a biblical site from the air is both unique as well as beneficial. It adds a new layer of perspective to the biblical story (or stories) that happened there.
‘Traveling Tuesdays’ is designed to help folks see biblical sites from the air. It gives an entirely different perspective of sites rich with biblical history. It should be fun to see Israel together!”

Tuesday, Sept 15th

Starting Tuesday, September 15th and continuing every Tuesday night, Dr. John is offering a series called “Traveling Tuesdays.” Using some of his drone videos and new aerial photography, the series will be an informal Zoom teaching featuring many biblical sites. It is designed to be an interactive session as we “connect the dots” between the land and the Bible together. Come and learn the Bible in the context of the land!
Sign up for the first session (via Zoom) HERE (Sept 15th) and the 2nd session HERE (Sept 22nd).
Note: Pre-registration is required. Time for each session: 8:30 p.m. EST! All other sessions will be listed on our web site.
This is a FREE teaching and will continue through either October or November (depending on my trip status).
I hope you can join us! Register today.

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