A Panoramic View

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and other biblical countries (Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy). There are over 100 biblical sites in Israel alone that have been excavated. Today we don’t visit an archaeological site, but we do climb about 185 circular steps to the very top of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Christian Quarter of the Old City for a spectacular view in all directions! I’ll tell you… the climb up the narrow stairwell causes a lot of dizziness (at least for me), but the amazing view from the top makes it worth it! 🙂

The video below is one of our latest YouTube Bible teachings. This entire video teaching was filmed from the top of this high tower overlooking the Old City. I remember my first time to the top of this tower was with my archaeology professor, Dr. Gaby Barkey. He took us students there to show us the four quarters of the city and to highlight the primary excavations within the Old City. It was an eye-opening introduction to this historic place.

What’s incredible about the view is that you can see in all directions. The tower of this historic church built around 1900 rises high about the Old City landscape. Primarily what we can see from the top is the following:

  • Looking east: The Temple Mount and the Muslim Quarter.
  • Looking south: The Hurva Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter.
  • Looking west: The Jaffa Gate and the Armenian Quarter.
  • Looking north: The Holy Sepulcher Church and the Christian Quarter.

I hope you enjoy these various views from here!


Back in 1981 our archaeology professor, Dr. Gabriel Barkay, took us to the top of the Redeemer Church tower for a panoramic view of the Old City below. It was a great first view of the Old City from here! When I lead trips to Israel, I still take people here!”
Jerusalem Old City
This video teaching in this “Visiting” series (and a few dozen others like it ) is meant to help you understand the Bible in the context of the land. Specially, while we don’t visit any archaeological sites in this video, I hope it does provide a unique view of the Old City of Jerusalem. Defined by the relatively late Turkish walls (dating to 1537-1544), about 35,000 people still live inside the Old City. For all other videos, go HERE to see all our YouTube Channel.
By the way, while this teaching video below does not include any drone footage of this site, we have produce a resource that does. It is called Biblical Israel By Air. It is now available to purchase from our web site: www.biblicalisraeltours.com. This drone video is 1 hour 6 minute in length. It features 55 biblical sites from Israel and other sites of interest. It even includes four sites in Jordan! This unique one-of-a-kind resource connects you to actual biblical sites where stories of the Bible took place!
It is available in a DVD format (720 resolution), Thumb Drive (1920 x 1080 resolution), and by digital download. Also available for download is drone video of the individual sites covered in Biblical Israel By Air video. You can purchase all of these products HERE.
We also invite you to join one of our upcoming trips as well! Stay tuned for updates too!
In the meantime, enjoy this teaching video of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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