Insights from the Land (by Dr. Kyle Keimer)



Amos 6:12-14


In this series we look at how an understanding of the physical landscape of Israel can help us understand certain biblical passages while at the same time allowing us to read those passages more deeply. Biblical authors used references to geographical features, sites, and regions to make various claims—theological, political, eschatological, etc.—and to connect disparate events, peoples, and times in ways that are not always noticeable to those of us in the present. We live temporally, culturally, and (some of us) spatially removed from the original biblical authors and audiences, but fortunately, the land allows us a tangible and direct way to connect with them. When we know the lay of the land, we can more easily connect with the multiple messages that the biblical authors are providing.

Watch this video blog to go deeper into Amos 6:12-14, which is an oracle given by the prophet Amos against the northern Kingdom of Israel’s royalty.

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