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Shalom! It’s a privilege and extreme honor to greet you today! I am Dr. John DeLancey. I serve as the Director of BIMT. I thank God for the opportunity to share with you a little about God’s direction of our ministry! I am also both excited yet also humbled how God will continue to use our ministry to encourage people in their faith-walk and help people grow in their understanding of God’s Word!

Offering biblically-solid Israel tours and teaching the Bible in the context of the land is about making disciples of Christ!

Our Ministry Journey & Transition

Our Journey

Biblical Israel Tours was created over 30 years ago (in January, 1992) out of my passion for leading people to a personalized experience of the land of the Bible, on a tour that goes much further and deeper than the many other “standard” Holyland tours. While pastoring two evangelical churches for a total of 26 years, I am humbled by the literally 1000s of people who have joined me on Israel tours these many years (see our TESTIMONIES page).

So far God has given me the privilege of leading 88 Israel tours (many with optional add-on trips to Jordan and Egypt), and 15 Greece & Turkey tours (with a few optional add-on trips to Italy). The people who God has brought together for these study trips have been folks from all over the U.S., Canada, and from various other countries of the world. What excites me the most about leading trips to Israel, the “Holy Land,” is to know that a life-transforming experience awaits each person. Simply put, an Israel trip is the very best “discipleship program!!” Indeed, helping people understand the Bible in context has been a joy and passion in my pastoral ministry.

In comparison to most other tours, each of our trips offers an in-depth encounter of Israel as it relates directly to the Bible. This is why I write my own programs. I want people to offer to people as many “connecting the dots with the Bible” experiences as possible! While on tour, I love being your personal pastor and teacher!

Our “Transition”

In 2016, Biblical Israel Tours expanded to Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT). Feeling led to resign from “local” church ministry, BIMT is now my full time ministry. I am committed to helping people grow in their journey of faith. In addition to the multiple Israel tours I lead each year, BIMT is now excited to also offer what we call “Bringing the Bible to Life – Physical Settings of the Bible” or BBL seminars to the local church! It’s our way to bring Israel directly to you! It is my passion to teach the Bible and help make it come alive! Simply put, it is life-transforming when people get excited about God’s Word (you can read more about our BBL seminars HERE).

Our ministry to you is to provide a solid biblical tour filled with unique teaching and spiritual experiences that aim to deepen your walk of faith with God. Our aim is to help you “connect the dots” between what you see firsthand and what you read in the Bible. We share an in-depth perspective of “Biblical Israel,” from the stories of the Old Testament to the life and ministry of Jesus.

BIMT is ultimately about this …. being used of God to mold and transform lives!  (“Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, You are the potter.” – Isaiah 64:8).

The Uniqueness of our Israel Tours

For sure there are a lot of good evangelical Christian trips to Israel out there. Praise God! Yet we believe the trips we offer go beyond just “good!” So many of the people have expressed how each Biblical Israel Ministries & Tour is unique from other Israel tours offered by other ministries and agencies. The following are examples of what makes our trips stand out from all the others:

More authentic biblical sites

Many more authentic biblical sites are seen than the average “touristy” tour, especially biblical sites “off the beaten track.” We just don’t go see “traditional” site (e.g. church after church) like 95% tours. We go to real places with real biblical connections! All the Israel trips are led by Dr. DeLancey, and are much more in-depth from a biblical point of view. You will gain from his experienced teaching, knowledge of archaeology and historical geography of the Bible, and his “tour expertise.” You will also sense his pastor’s heart!

Our trips are Ray Vander Laan – style trips (“That the World May Know“). Our trips are teaching and discipleship tours. Not only will you see extra sites that other groups simply don’t visit, but you will also enjoy on-site Biblical teaching, quiet reflective moments, worship times, and gatherings for those who just can’t get enough! Dr. John personally designs every trip that include optional hikes and walks. This means they are available to those who can and/or want to do them, and not required by those who don’t care to. These optional excursions simply provide the wonderful opportunity to “walk the land!”

While on the trip, Dr. John updates the web site every night with sample pictures, unique 360 photos, and with a brief description of our day-day-day experiences. No one else does this for their groups! This is done for two purposes: 1). People back home can follow our encounters, and 2). this web page will serve as a way to review and process the tour. You also can download any picture posted for free and use as you like!

Free On-line “Trip Preparation” Course

We are so pleased to share 1 class (about 1.5 hours) of on-line teaching to help you prepare for the trip. This will be through the Zoom platform. Dr. DeLancey will personally teach this class and walk you through a series of helpful suggestions and biblical connections in advance of your trip. These will be offered about a 30-45 days prior to your tour. You will also be mailed free of charge Dr. DeLancey’s two books!

The goal of each of each Israel tour is to not only bring context to your understanding of the Scriptures, but also to be an incredible inspiration to your walk of faith! Our tour fills up with both the young and old. We have families with children, youth, college students who join me as well as folks in their 70s & 80s. People all over the world (not just from the U.S.) can join us as “land only” travelers. Most importantly, we are highly evangelical and Christ-centered! We believe in the inspiration and authority of Scripture!

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

About Dr. John DeLancey, Director of BIMT


Background & Family:

Grew up in Perkasie, PA with three siblings (one a twin).

Married to Sue, with three children: Joel, Hannah, and Rachel (re-proposed to Sue, his wife, on top of Arbel in 2012 in celebration of 25th anniversary)

Has 2 Golden Retrievers (Rocky & Moshe) & 5 cats (Skittles, Tink, Jax, Theo, and Gidget). They all love each other too!

Enjoys trail running (30 years of ultra-marathons: 50K – 100 milers), kayaking, and high school & college baseball umpiring.


Pastoral & Church Ministry:

Served as lead pastor for 26 years in two evangelical churches – Stoneridge Covenant Church, Allison Park, PA (1999-2016) and Calvary Covenant Church, Evansville, MN (1990-1999).


Israel Ministry:

Tour Leader of 88 Israel Tours. Numerous of these trips included both Jordan & Egypt.

Tour Leader of 14 Greece and Turkey tour as well.

Guest Professor/teacher at the Solid Rock School of Discipleship/College (2016-2022) and the International Theological College & Seminary in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2019)

Author of “Devotional Treasures from the Holyland (2011, now in its 3rd edition, 2016). This is a 320 page resource that offers a devotional thought gleaned from 73 sites in Israel, using the Scriptural, archaeological, and and historical-geographical background of each site as the context.

Author of Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel (2022, 1st edition). This is a 475 page resource that covers 50 biblical stories (25 from the OT, 25 from the NT) from within the context of the archaeology, physical settings, and customs and culture of the land!

Guest teacher of numerous Bringing the Bible to Life seminars in churches around the country.

Drone operator who now has over 75 biblical sites now videoed in Israel and about 15 in Greece.


Archaeological Experience:

Excavated at 7 archaeological sites in Israel:

“Khirbet Nisya” (This site was the first alternative site for the Old Testament city of Ai, June 1982).

“City of David (or Old Testament Jebus/Jerusalem, June-July, 1982).

Abel Beit Macaah, a newer excavation in northern Israel (June, 2014).

Tel Gezer, in the Shephelah (June, 2016).

Tel Gath (es-Safi) in the Shephelah (June, 2018).

Tel Burna (Libnah) in the Shephelah (July 2019).

Tel Dan in the northern part of the land bordering Lebanon (June-July, 2022).

Dr. John has also assisted with the Dead Sea Mud Project with geologist Dr. Steve Austin (January 2020).



A graduate of Cedarville College of Ohio with a Degree in Biblical Studies and Archaeology.

A one-year student at the Jerusalem University College (formerly called The Institute of Holy Land Studies) – 1981-82.

A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pa. with a Masters of Divinity Degree.

Post graduate studies at North Park Seminary of Chicago, IL (Ordained with the Evangelical Covenant Church)

Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Seminary in November 2003, with a focus on Israel-related ministry.


Contact Information:

Email Address:   Drjohn@biblicalisraeltours.com

Phone Number:  412-999-5697


25th anniversary on top Arbel
25th anniversary on top Arbel
25th anniversary on top Arbel
25th anniversary on top Arbel
Sitting on the steps of the Siloam Pool
Teaching in Capernaum
Digging at Tel Gezer
On top of Herodium with Shlomo, Israeli guide

About BIMT’s “501c3” Non-Profit / Tax Exempt Status


Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) became an official IRS-recognized “501c3” non-profit / tax exempt Christian ministry in July, 2017. This means we are a totally support-based ministry. We are thrilled in how quickly God provides for our ministry in amazing ways! We welcome you to be part of our needed support team to help finance our expenses of doing ministry.

A wonderful Board of Directors helps with the direction of our ministry, with each member of the BIMT team being followers of Jesus. Board members are from all parts of the country. Everyone is equally enthusiastic about how God will uniquely use BIMT to excite people about the Bible and their faith in Christ!

It is our goal to operate the ministry of BIMT with the highest level of integrity.

The official “EIN” number for BIMT is 82-2341870.


About imagine Tours & Travel


Imagine Tours & Travel (iTT) is the Christian travel agency BIMT uses exclusively for all our trips. Please know that BIMT (our 501c3 non-profit ministry) operates totally independently from iTT. We are a support-based ministry, iTT is a leading business specializing in Israel travel. iTT is the agency through whom all the air and land arrangements for our tours are made. We use iTT because they are the very best in the business! They take care of all the travel details for us, making it “worry-free” for every detail. This includes airfare, hotels, and land services while in Israel (or other biblical countries).

What is so wonderful about them is that while they operate as a business, they serve 100s of pastors and churches who travel to Israel and other lands of the Bible as a ministry. imagine Tours & Travel is a Christian agency located in Lakeland, FL. They have specialized in the “Israel travel” business for over 35 years!

This LINK will take you to their web site.  Their phone number is 863-709-9208.


A Hike up Mt. Arbel Video

On each and every trip, a hike up Mt. Arbel is always offered. It is a special experience. It includes an ascent of about 800 feet. The hike takes about 75 minutes from the trailhead at the bottom to the very top. The view of the Sea of Galilee from the top is absolutely spectacular. It offers a panoramic view of the NW corner of the Sea of Galilee. Please note: those who don’t hike still get to the top by bussing around from the other side and walking only about 5-7 minutes to the top on a gently-sloped path.

It is very probably that Jesus climbed and used Arbel as a place of respite from the crowds. While we can’t be sure, it could very well be that Arbel is where Jesus told His disciples to meet Him after His resurrection too (Matthew 28:16).

Christian Healthcare Ministries

We want you to know that our Director, Dr. John Delancey and his family, use a leading Christian share network called Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM). Leading Christian financial coach Dave Ramsey endorses this alternative healthcare approach and CHM specifically!

As an extended ministry to you, if you are “shopping around” for an excellent healthcare program and an alternative to the steep costs of traditional health insurance, BIMT invites you to consider CHM. Monthly premiums are about half (oftentimes more!) the cost of average healthcare. Better yet, CHM helps support other like-minded believers in Christ by sharing the financial costs of one another!  You can contact CHM at 800-791-6225 or go to their web site HERE.

Being part of CHM’s referral program, if you enroll we kindly invite you to use “John DeLancey” and “263251” as the referral number. It would help BIMT greatly!  Thanks!

Christian Healthcare Ministries

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