Oberammergau Play & Reformation Tours in 2000


Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours is excited to offer a number of Reformation Tours in 2020 that include experiencing the famous Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany. These tours to Germany and other European countries (e.g. Italy, Austria, Czech Republic) are being offered through imagine Tours & Travel (iTT), the travel agency who handles all of our BIMT trips! 

The registration button will take you directly to the site of iTT where you can sign up on-line. Use the tour code (as listed below for each trip) for the tour you plan on joining.  


"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Passion Play
Passion Play
Passion Play

Details for these Oberammergau Passion Play Tours


All of these tours are arranged through imagine Tours & Travel (iTT). There are only a limited and varying number of openings left for each of these trips. While Dr. DeLancey will not be leading these trips, they are being led by various seasoned pastors who have traveled with iTT.  Each tour has a biblical orientation and are designed to retrace the steps of those involved in the Reformation.

Each of the tour brochures are posted below.  If you have any questions, you can email or contact imagine Tours & Travel (iTT) directly. They will also be able to quote you the price from your own departing city. Please contact iTT at 1-863-709-9208 or email them at info@ittworld.com. Simply reference the trip dates/tours you’re interested in. 

Thank you. We know every tour offered will be special!


June 11-22, 2020.  10 Day Germany / Footsteps of Luther Tour, plus Passion Play (Use tour code Schultz620)

June 13-24, 2020: 12 Day Imperial Splendor Tour, featuring Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, plus the Passion Play, with overnights in Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Budapest, and much more.  (Use tour code Roseberry20)

July 22 – August 1, 2010: 11 Day Italy Tour including Rome, Florence and Venice, plus Passion Play (Use tour code Ohara20)

August 31 – September 9: Germany Cradle of the Reformation Martin Luther & Passion Play Tour (Use tour code Rothwell20)

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