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The Institute of Biblical Israel


SHALOM! Are you a student of the Bible who desires to go deeper into God’s Word? Do you long to understand the many stories of the Bible in the context of the land of Israel?  Perhaps you have been blessed to have visited Israel yourself. If you have, then you know what we mean about having the Bible come alive in spectacular ways!  However, most Christians have not been to Israel and lack a first-hand encounter with the land. This is why The Institute of Biblical Israel can help you understand the Bible at a life-changing level. The first course is to launch sometime in February, 2021 (see below for details)!

This is why we here at BIMT are excited to partner with The Institute of Biblical IsraelIn fact, our very own director, Dr. John DeLancey, has launched this on-line opportunity for you to take Bible courses that are carefully designed help you learn God’s Word in the context of the land.

The ultimate purpose of The Institute of Biblical Israel is to help equip you with an exciting knowledge of the Bible, the land, and what it means to live out your faith in Christ!

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Drone pic of Zin Desert
 Sea of Galilee

Our First Course – “Physical Settings of the Bible”


We are excited to announce that the first course will launch sometime in February, 2021 and will be called “Physical Settings of the Bible.” The intent and design of the course taught by Dr. John Delancey will be to introduce you to the geography, topography, and the regions of the land of Israel. The country is unique in many ways. It is complete with high mountains, low valleys, hills, and deserts. Israel has the lowest place on earth (the Dead Sea at 1,400 below sea level), yet about 100 miles north Israel has a 7,200+ foot mountain that is snow-capped half of the year!

So the classes created for this opening course will help you learn the land. After all, the land served as the playing board for most of the Bible. We think this is the most important first step in learning the Bible “in context.” It’s like learning to play the game of Monopoly or Chess. Before you can play the game, you first need to know how the board is set up. It’s the same for learning the Bible in context.

Most of the biblical stories we read about took place somewhere on the land, whether we talking about Abraham, Joshua, David, or Jesus! We will also study the topography in such a way that you’ll become familiar with the natural routes and passes within the land. We will also introduce some of the Biblical cities that were positioned on these routes  for strategic purposes. You are going to have fun as we help you connect the dots between the land and the Bible!


Facts & Details about The Institute


The idea of The Institute of Biblical Israel has been percolating in the heart of Dr. John for a few years now. This on-line school has been created for the serious Bible student who wants to explore deeper about the Bible in context. While The Institute is not a degree program, we hope it will serve as a wonderful opportunity to people around the world to take classes related to the Bible. Many people (perhaps you?) cannot or will never attend a Bible College or seminary of any kind, yet they yearn for a formal academically-oriented experience. We are confident that The Institute will provide such an learning experience! We hope everyone, from lay people who serve God’s church to pastors alike, take advantage of out eye-opening teaching.

This on-line teaching has been created through the Thinkific platform. This platform is leading the way with on-line instruction around the world. We have been impressed with what Thinkific offers the students and instructors alike. Once you sign up for the course, you will have full access to watching these classes at your leisure. Resources (PDF outlines of the course) are available for download. Other resources through BIMT (such as topography maps, drone videos, aerial photos, and Dr. John’s book) are also all available for purchase through the BIMT web site store.

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The Cost of the Opening Course


Given the time involved to create these courses and the expertise Dr. John shares with the students, there is a registration fee for each course. The opening course, Physical Settings of the Biblewill be offered for a discounted price of $89. This includes 6 classes, a PDF handout, and the personal teaching of Dr. John. He is available to answer any questions you may have as you take each class. Specific personal Zoom conferences will be scheduled to allow for interaction with the material. You will have personal access to Dr. John through email and Zoom encounters!

Currently, we are working on producing other courses. They will be:

  • “Dig It – Biblical Archaeology”
  • The Hebraic Background of Yeshua/Jesus
  • Biblical Stories Come to Life

We are thrilled to offer The Institute of Biblical Israel to you!



"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"






The Jezreel Valley

Qeiyafa & the Elah Valley

Kh. Qeiyafa is located in the Shephelah (lowlands) of Judah. This archaeological site sits on the edge of the Elah Valley. This is one of five primary valleys that run west to east from the Coastal Plains to the Hill Country of Judah. These valleys provided a natural route for transportation.

It was in the narrow part of the Elah Valley where David fought Goliath, the Philistine giant (1 Samuel 17). It was here where God brought victory as David battled in the strength of the Lord!

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