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“It Happened Here – Life Lessons from Israel”


Welcome to our newly designed “It Happened Here – Life Lessons from Israel” page. Featured on this page are numerous 5-6 minute “devotional videos” featuring the teaching and aerial videos of Dr. John DeLancey, Director of BIMT. These 27 videos lessons highlight authentic sites and regions in Israel which serve as the foundation for the “life lessons” Dr. John gleans from these locations in the land of Israel relevant lessons for life.

What’s new to these video resources is that these are now accompanied by supplemental Bible Study material written by members of the BIMT Board for each teaching video! A special thanks to those who wrote these devotionals, and to Dr. Kyle Keimer who edited and formatted this material.

All of this is free material meant to be used by individuals, churches, and Bible studies groups. It is our hope and prayer that these videos will not only engage you in the context of each biblical site and/or region, but also to encourage you in your walk of faith with Christ!

Drone pic of Sea of Galilee
Drone pic of Jerusalem

Let’s Get Started:

“It Happened Here”  & Devotional Material


Each site and devotional supplement is arranged in alphabetical order. The video by Dr. John serves to introduce the site and primary text(s) of Scripture. It can be played through only on-line through Vimeo and cannot be downloaded because of the unique drone footage. However, each devotional supplement is in a downloadable PDF format. Feel free to print the PDF and use it for personal or small group study. The supplemental devotional material includes other passages to explore.

(note: If you want to own our drone footage, you can buy our Biblical Israel By Air drone video HERE from BIMT. It comes in both a DVD and Thumb Drive format).


Arbel & Beersheba



Beth Shean & Beth Shemesh



Caesarea & Caesarea Philippi



Capernaum & Dan



Elah Valley & Ein Gedi



Gamla & Gath



Gezer & Herodium



Jericho & Jezreel



Joppa & Katzrin



Lachish & Magdala



Masada & Megiddo



Mt. Nebo & Mt. of Beatitudes



Sea of Galilee & Shiloh




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