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January 17-30, 2022



Dead Sea BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

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Beersheba BIMT Jan 2022 Israel tour
Precipice of Nazareth BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Hill 713 BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Caesarea BIMT 2022 Israel Tour
Qumran synagogue BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Capernaum BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Arbel Hike BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Mt. of Olives BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Qumran BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Dan Preserve BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Sea of Galilee Boat Ride BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Southern Steps of Temple BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour

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Beth Shean BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour Group
Beth Shean BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour Group
Beth Shean BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour Group

The Israel Tour Itinerary:



Today was the day we all have been waiting for! Israel finally re-opened for groups from the U.S.!  Eighteen of us gathered in Chicago, while give others in the group flew from Newark, NJ. We went through a lot of procedures (e.g. Covid testing, Entry forms, etc…), but we all made it! Praise God!

Ben Gurion Airport

We landed today at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Upon arrival, we had to get another PCR test before heading to our hotel. The group flying in from Chicago went through Jaffa (referencing Jonah and Peter being here, Jonah 1, Acts 9 & 10) before arriving at the Herod’s Hotel (nicely located on the coastline of there Mediterranean Sea! After check-in, we were served dinner in our rooms.

Now we wait

Now we wait for our PCR test results. We are hopeful that we will begin our trip to there south tomorrow morning after the results. We head to the Shephelah (lowlands) tomorrow and a number of OT sites.

Welcome to Israel Ben Gurion Airport BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Jaffa BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Joppa whale BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Jaffa BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Jaffa BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Tel Aviv Coastline BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour



Today was our first full day herein Israel. Following negative Covid results, we loaded up the bus after breakfast (served in our rooms) for the Shephelah (lowlands) of Judah. We would have a quite rainy and cold day, yet thankful for the few breaks of “no-rain” throughout the day. Temps were in the 50s.


Our first stop was Tel Gezer. Located on the Aijalon Valley, this was both a Canaanite and Israelite city, full of walls, towers, and gates. With the strong rain upon us upon arrival, we walked directly to the water system where we were out of the rain. The impressive new steel stairway allowed us go to the bottom (175 steps down). This water system was originally used by Canaanites. We ascended back up to see the Solomonic gate (1 Kings 9). Walking back to the bus we saw the Canaanite high place and standing stones.


Beth Shemesh

The rain continued as we visited Beth Shemesh. Located on the Sorek Valley, this city was privileged to see the Ark of the Covenant returned to them by the Philistines from Ekron (1 Samuel 6). Before this, this was the area where Samson grew up (in Zorah across the valley). Further west down the valley was Timnah where Samson’s first wife was from (only 3.5 miles away).



Continuing south, we climbed the site of Socoh. This ancient city, not excavated yet, is located along the Elah Valley. Socoh is mentioned in the story of 1 Samuel 17 where the Philistine camp was located. It was in the narrow part of the valley below Socoh where David battled Goliath.


Beit Guvrin

The rain held back when we visited the columbarium and the Bell Cave of Beit Guvrin. This area is known for all the underground soft limestone caves. Also in this area is the site of Mareshah, the home of Micah, the prophet. We read from Micah 1 and 5, reflecting upon the prophet’s words of mourning and hope. We ate lunch at a gas station outside the Late Roman site of Beit Guvrin. Following a bite to eat, we saw the amphitheater here.



Our last site of the day was Lachish. This was a Canaanite city taken by Joshua in two days (Joshua 10). Later, it became an important well-fortified city under the leadership of  Rehoboam (2 Chronicles 11). The Judean city saw two destructions, one at the hands of the Assyrians (2 Kings 20, Isaiah 36), and late by there Babylonians. We saw a replica of the Lachish Letter #4, one of about 20 ostraca (pottery with inscriptions). It mentions Azekah and Lachish as two Judean cities holding out. Jeremiah 34:7 says the same thing. Among the ruins we saw the double walls and gates, the Assyrian siege ramp, and the palace.



From Lachish, we drove 50 minutes to Beersheba where we checked in to our hotel. We enjoyed dinner together, followed by a brief gathering. It was a great first day!

Gezer BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Beit Guvrin BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Socoh Elah Valley BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Beit Guvrin BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Beit Guvrin Bell Cave BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Lachish Rainbow BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour


Today was our second full day as we explored the region of the Negev. After a good nights rest in Beersheba and breakfast , we checked out of our hotel and began our day at about 7:40. We read from Psalm 126 (about the “watercourses of the Negev”) to begin the day. The day would once again be cool, with some occasional sprinkles throughout the day.


We arrived at Tel Beersheba at 8 a.m. This is small but interesting archaeological site. We saw a replica of a 4-horned altar found here, the city well, walls, gates, and a few Israelite “four-room houses. We read from Genesis 21 about Abraham. Isaac (Gen. 26), Jacob (Gen. 47), and Elijah (1 Kings 19) were all here. We left the site by walking through the impressive water system.

Sde Boker / Gravesite of David and Paula Ben Gurion

We drove about 50 minutes south to the Zin Desert. The small town of Sde Boker overlooks the beautiful canyon of the Zin. We walked the pathway that was full with dozens of ibex, a wild goat that is referred to in Psalm 104. This led us to the graves of David Ben Gurion (Israel’s first Prime Minister). His wife Paula is also buried here. From here we drove down into the canyon for a hike to the water falls and back. Some in the group continued the hike, ascending to the far rim.


We drove about an hour back north to Tel Arad, an early Canaanite and Israelite/Judean site. Arad was a city whose king opposed the Israelites at the time of Moses (Number 21). The city would later be conquered by Joshua (Joshua 12). We started our visit on top of there citadel. Here we saw the false worship center here, complete with a courtyard, sacrificial altar, and a “Holy of Holies” inner chamber. King Hezekiah (and later Josiah) brought an end to these high places (2 Chronicles 31 & 34). We also saw an impressive cistern. We also walked down to the Canaanite city to see the reservoir, house structures, and the walls and towers of the city.


We made a brief stop in modern-day Arad to pick up some snacks before driving into the Judean Desert and Hanokdim, our “bedouin-style tent hotel” for the night. Upon arriving we rode camels in there desert. We enjoyed listening to a bedouin share about his lifestyle, followed with dinner a bonfire.

Beersheba BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Zin Desert BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Ben Gurion grave BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Arad BIMT Jan 2022 Israel tour
Ibex Zin Desert BIMT January 2022 Israel Tour
Camel rides BIMT January 2022 Israel tour


We enjoyed a sunny day today as we travels took us up the coastline of the Dead Sea. The temperatures rebounded (as expected in this region of the Judean Desert) to the 60s, a welcome delight. We read from Psalm 18:1-2 (metzada) following a great breakfast at the Bedouin camp.


We drove east about 7 miles to get to the western side of Masada, a palace-fortress built by King Herod in the 30s BC. Most in the group hiked up the Roman ramp, and upon cresting the site saw the southern wall, a huge cistern, the western palace, and the casemate wall. The rest in the group bussed around to the east side and ascended to the top in the cable car. Both groups met in the 1st century synagogue. We then walked to the top of the northern palace and through the bathhouse and storerooms. Remarkably, no one was here besides us! We had the entire site to ourselves! We all took the cable car down to the bottom. The courageous story of Masada (with 967 using the site as a place of refuge) is incredible!

Ein Gedi

We drove about 15 minutes to a unique place here on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert. Ein Gedi is one of only a few natural springs. Together we walked into the canyon (Wadi David) where we stopped to read from Song of Songs 1 (mentioning the henna blossoms), 2 Chronicles 20 (mentioning the Ascent of Ziz), and 1 Samuel 24 (the David and Saul “cave encounter”). Most then walked back to the far water falls.


From here we drove to the northern end of the Dead Sea. As we drove we read from Ezekiel 47 and Zechariah 14 (about how one day the Dead Sea will become fresh). We arrived at Tel es-Sultan, or Old Testament Jericho. After a wonderful falafel sandwich here, we climbed the site. We looked east and could see the Jordan Valley the Mt. Nebo on the ridge on the horizon. Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River at “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” (John 1). The archaeology of this ancient site of Jericho supports and confirms the Bible’s historicity. Besides seeing the oldest structure (a round tower) in Israel, on the southern end we saw the double retaining walls of this Canaanite city taken my Joshua (Joshua 6). A mud brick wall once stood on top of these stone walls. They came tumblin down.

Dead Sea

Our last experience of the day was to float in the Dead Sea. Once again, no one was here besides us! We enjoy floating in this unique body of water (33% salt and minerals). We drove to our “kibbutz-hotel” (Al Mog) close by for dinner and overnight.



Masada BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Ein Gedi BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Masada Ramp BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Dead Sea BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Ein Gedi BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Dead Sea mud BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


Today was another sunny day, with comfortable temps in the low 60s. After breakfast, we headed to Qumran. We read from Jeremiah 32 as we began this day.


The most significant discovery in all of Israel were the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran in 1947. We arrived here at about 8 a.m. We walked up to the edge of the cliffs of the Judean Desert to see Cave 6, one of 12 caves in which fragment of scrolls were found. At the site itself we saw many miqvot (plural for mikve, or ritual baths), cisterns, and the scriptorium. In front of Cave 4 (and 5 & 10), we read from Psalm 19 and “151,” an extra psalm found here. Thanks be to God for the preservation of His Word.


Beth Shean

We traveled north from here along the Jordan Valley to Beth Shean. It is an incredibly large site, with many ruins from the Roman Period. We saw colonnaded streets, the bathhouse, agora, public latrenes, and the theater. Some in the group climbed to the top of the OT site. According to 1 Samuel 31, the body of Saul was hung on the walls after he died on near by Mt. Gilboa.



Located along the edge of the Jezreel Valley is Megiddo. This archaeological site was about 25 layers of occupation spanning a period of about 2,500 years! It was a Canaanite and Israelite city. Pharaohs like Thutmose III conquered it in 1468 BC. Climbing the site, we saw 3 series of city gates, Solomon’s stables and palace, a sacrificial altar from the Early Bronze Period, and a grain silo. We left the site be descending down through the water system that was engineered to bring water safely inside the walls of the city. We also had a great view of the Jezreel Valley referred to as the Valley of Armageddon in Revelation 16. In the end, God wins when Jesus returns!


Precipice of Nazareth

We drove north across this broad valley to get to the Precipice of Nazareth. The visibility from here of Mt Tabor (Judges 4), the Hill or Moreh (Judges 7), and Mt. Carmel to the west (1 Kings 18) was impressive! We considered the life of Jesus as read from Luke 4 and John 1. We listened to Jesus Messiah as the sun set.


Sea of Galilee / Nof Ginnosar

It took us about 50 minutes to drive from Nazareth to the western shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. We checked into our hotel at Nof Ginnosar at 6 p.m. Since we were the only people here (literally!), we were served a massive dinner/feast! We enjoyed it immensely! Following dinner we walked down to the water’s edge to see the lake at night. We look forward to being at this hotel for four nights!

Qumran Cave 4 BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Megiddo BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Beth Shean BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Precipice of Nazareth BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Beth Shean Theater BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Precipice Nazareth Sunset BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


We work up to a beautiful sunrise this morning on the Sea of Galilee. The predicted rain didn’t come until shortly after noon today, so we felt blest. The temps were around 60. We spent the entire day around the Sea of Galilee.


We read Matthew 4 as we departed today at 7:40. We traveled around the north end of the lake and then south on the east side to Hippos/Sussita. On the way we made a brief stop to see the cliffs mentioned in Mark 5. At Hippos (a Decapolis city), we saw many Roman ruins. During the Byzantine Period, five churches were built here. With a great view of the lake, we read the transformational story of the demoniac from Mark 5.



We retraced our route back to the northwest corner of the lake to city mentioned in the Gospels, Chorazin. The ruins we saw here are primarily 3rd century AD. In the synagogue we read from Matthew 23. Recent excavations here may have revealed a 1st century level below. We also saw a wine press and an impressive mikve (ritual bath).



Close by down on the shoreline of the lake is the location of Capernaum. This was the “home base” for his ministry here in the Galilee. Sitting in the 5th century synagogue, we read from Mark 1,2,9; Luke 7; and John 6. We also saw many 1st century house structure ruins dating to the time of Jesus. As we left the wind picked up, causing large waves on the lake.



Next, we drove to the Plain of Genesseret and the ancient city of Magdala. This was a large Jewish city in the days of Jesus. We saw a modest 1st century synagogue here. Although the city is only mentioned once (Matthew 16), Jesus must have taught here. We  saw a few more ritual baths as well. We also visited the modern chapel where wall mosaics are displayed.



Following a great fish lunch, we drove to the southern end of the lake to Yardenit. Six in the group reaffirmed their faith as they were immersed in the waters of the Jordan River. It was a bit cold, but the experience warmed our hearts.


Kinneret Cemetery

We ended the day at the Kinneret Cemetery. This is where an early Jewish pioneer woman named “Rachel” is buried. She was an Ukrainian Jew who wrote poems, some of which were put to songs. She died in 1931.

We returned to our hotel for another “dinner feast” and enjoyed a free evening.

Hippos BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Waves on Sea of Galilee BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Chorazin BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Magdala Synagogue BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Capernaum synagogue BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Jordan River Baptism BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


The prediction for the day was for rain most of the day. While it didn’t rain a few times, overall we had a cold but dry day, with temps in the 50s (40s up north). We read from Matthew 13 as we left the hotel after breakfast at 7:35.



We drove once again around the northern pat of the lake and began our ascent to the Golan Heights. As we climbed the fog grew thicker. Once we arrived at Gamla, a Jewish city at the time of Jesus, we couldn’t see the actually site below us from the overview area. There is a 1st century synagogue here where Jesus may have taught (Matthew 4).



Further north is Katzrin. We went to an olive oil factory before arriving at the ancient Talmudic Village of Katrin. Here we saw ruins from the 3rd-7th centuries AD. This included a synagogue. In a reconstructed stone house we gathered to hear the story of Mark 2.


Syrian Border

Continuing northward, we stopped for a brief stop to look over into Syria. Thankfully, the skies cleared a bit to enable us to see Kuneitra, a Syrian city.


Mt. Hermon

We ate lunch at a Druze restaurant at Birkhat Ram where we had a great view of the snow-capped Mt. Hermon. There is actually a ski resort on top of the mountain. Many enjoyed the Druze flatbread with cheese and/or chocolate inside. Others enjoyed another falafel.


Caesarea Philippi

Driving down off the Golan Heights we visited Caesarea Philippi. This was a pagan city in the days of Jesus that included temples to Augustus, Jupiter, and Nemesis. The Pan deity was especially honored here. It was good to see that recent excavations of the Augustus Temple revealed amazing mosaics and other structures. The Banias Spring begins here, one of the three tributaries of the Upper Jordan River. It was in the region of this city that Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16).


Tel Dan

Our last site of the day was Tel Dan. We walked through the beautiful nature preserve along the Dan Spring. We stopped by the water to hear Shlomo play another song on his recorder. We also read from (and sang) Psalm 42, As the Deer. We continued our walk to the culture center. Here, Jeroboam built an altar and set a golden calf on the high place. Sitting on the steps of the high place, we read from Judges 18 and 1 Kings 12. We also overlooked the border with Lebanon. Before leaving, we saw the Canaanite mud brick gate and the Israelite gate complex.

We drove south along the Huleh Valley back to our hotel, passing the Canaanite city of Hazor on the way. Once again, we enjoyed a huge dinner and a free evening.

Katzrin BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Caesarea Philippi BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Mt. Hermon BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Dan High Place BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Saar Falls BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Tel Dan BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


Today was our “reflection” day and it was a fabulous one in many ways. The sun was bright, with temps in the 50s. We also enjoyed an optional “sunrise hike” in the Upper Galilee.


“Hill 713” (Har Mitzpe ha-Yamim)

Fourteen of us left the hotel at 5:45 to drive north into the Upper Galilee. We enjoyed a 25 minute hike to “Hill 713” (or Har Mitzpe ha-Yamim in Hebrew). This is a trail that leads to a stunning overlook! We made it just in time for sunrise. We could see literally across the width of the country, from the the Golan Heights to the east to the Carmel Range and Haifa to the west (beyond which is the Med Sea!). Looking south we could see Mt. Tabor, Hill of Moreh, and Mt. Gilboa. It was a special optional experience!



We came back for breakfast by 8:15. We all then left the hotel at 9:45 and headed to the trailhead of Mt. Arbel. 13 in the group hiked to the top, while others bussed around to the other side and ascended to the top from there. The view was stunning! Even Mt. Hermon up north could be seen clearly! While we cannot be sure, perhaps this was where the Jesus’ Transfiguration took place (Mt. 17), or where he taught the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-7) or where He met His disciples following His resurrection (Mt. 28).


Mt. of Beatitudes

After another great lunch, we drove to the traditional Mt. of Beatitudes. Sitting on the side of the hill, we heard Shlomo read there Beatitudes in Hebrew. On our own, we all then read Matthew 5-7. After a reflective time, most in the group walked down the path to the lake shoreline.


Boat Ride / Ancient Boat

Our last experience of the day was taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. We enjoyed the calm waters, clear skies, and sang a few songs. We read from Mark 4 and Matthew 14, the two storm narratives. At the Nof Ginnosar museum we saw the 1st century wooden boat found here in 1986.

Dinner was plentiful once again before we retired for the evening. We head to Jerusalem tomorrow where they are to get 10 cm (3-4 inches) of snow!

Hill 713 BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Shlomo BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Arbel BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Sea of Galilee Boat Ride BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Arbel Hike BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Jesus Boat BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


Today was a rainy day off and on. We were blessed to have it rain while we were traveling and not at the sites we visited. The temps were in the 40s most of the day.

Mt. Carmel

We left our hotel and the Sea of Galilee area about 7:35. We read John 4 on the way. Our first destination was to Mt. Carmel, a mountain range overlooking the Jezreel Valley on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Having special permission to get in to this chapel called Muhraha, we went to the roof top to see the Jezreel Valley. We also enjoyed reading Isaiah 35, Amos 9, Songs of Songs 7, and 1 Kings 18 here. This is where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal!



Next we descended down to the Sharon Plain to Caesarea. In the theater of this city built by Herod the Great in 22-10 BC, we read from Acts 10 (Peter), Acts 12 (Agrippa 1), Acts 21 (Philip), and Acts 26 (Paul). From here we walked across the city to see the palace, hippodrome, the location of the grand harbor, and the Crusader gate, wall, and mote. We also saw an impressive periphery (purple) statue. Before leaving the site we saw the aqueduct.



The rain started again as we drove into the Hill Country of Ephraim to Shiloh. When we arrived, it stopped, allowing us to climb this site. It was cold but dry! The Tabernacle once stood here for over 300 years. It was destroyed by the Philistines (1 Samuel 4). We watched a short movie about the events that took place here. We also read from 1 Samuel 3 (the call of Samuel) and Jeremiah 7.


Desert of Parath & Wadi Qelt

Driving south and east, we descended into the Judean Desert. What a view of this arid region, with a few rainbows as well! We read 1 Samuel 13-14 and Jeremiah 13 on the way down to the bottom of the Parath canyon. We saw a bunch of gazelles too! Overlooking the Wadi Qelt, we heard “Isaiah” proclaim “Prepare the way for the Lord”  from Isaiah 40.



Ascending now to Jerusalem, we entered this magnificent city and saw our first glimpse of the Temple Mount and the Old City. We checked into our hotel and enjoyed an early dinner. Following dinner, some braved the cold rain (predicted to change to all snow through the night) and walked to the Western Wall. 

Muhraqa BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Shiloh BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Jezreel Valley BIMT 2022 Israel Tour
Gazelles BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Caesarea Theater BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Judean Desert BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


We were greeted by a six inch blanket of snow from last night. What a beautiful scene all throughout the city. The building of snowmen and snowball fights abounded! Temps warmed to around 40 today, with rain falling throughout the day, but thankfully with a breaks here and there.


We managed to get the bus out of the snowbank so enable us to drive south and east to Herodium. This was a palace-fortress built by Herod the Great. He was also buried in 4 BC. The site was incredible, with many new renovations and displays. We braved the cold and high winds as we climbed to the top. We saw the bathhouse, synagogue, royal arches, impressive frescoes, cistern system, and the small theater. Looking west, the snow on the hills of Judea was fun to see.


Since the Shepherds’ Fields was closed, we went to an olive wood factory and store in Bethlehem. The olive wood products were impressive. We grabbed a bite to eat here too (falafel again).


Driving back towards Jerusalem, we made a quick stop at the Promenade that winds around on the west and south end of the Old City. The sun came out, making for good pictures. We also enjoyed a few snowball fights with the local kids.

Mt. of Olives/Gethsemane

Our last stop of the day was the Mt. of Olives. While the cold rain and closed sites shortened our time here, the view of the Old City is spectacular from here! We walked down the slope to the Church of All Nations, the traditional Garden of Gethsemane. Being there alone, we enjoyed singing a few songs in the chapel.

We returned to the hotel by mid afternoon to dry out. Prior to dinner, we enjoyed Shlomo share a talk about his family in Vilna, Poland. He lost 12 family members in the Holocaust. After dinner, a few of us walked to the Western Wall.

Snow in Jerusalem BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Jer Old City BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Herodium BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Mt. of Olives BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Herodium-Bethlehem BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Gethsemane Olive Trees BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


Today was another cold (low 40s) and rainy day, but with a few breaks throughout the day and coming just at the right time. We enjoyed another great breakfast, with many choices. As we left the hotel at 7:40, we read from 2 Samuel 5.


Western Wall / Tunnel

We drove to the Old City and entered the Dung Gate into the Kotel (Western Wall area). Our tour of the Western Wall Tunnel was fascinating. Herod’s Temple project (beginning in 20 BC) was expansive! We doubled the size of the Temple platform from the size it was in the 1st Temple Period. We saw massive stones that were part of this retaining wall, as well as the small odeon. We also enjoyed some time down at the Western Wall. It was quite empty of people.

Southern Wall Excavations

We walked to the SW corner of the Temple where we walked on the Herodian pavement. This corner may have been the pinnacle of the Temple where Jesus was tempted (Mt. 4). We walked up the southern steps used by commoners in Jesus’ day. Jesus Himself would have used these steps to enter the Temple. We recalled the many mentioned in the NT who used these steps (Luke 2, John 2, Mark 13, and Acts 2, etc…). The sun broke out for a moment when we were here.


City of David

Our last visit was to the City of David. After gathering on the observation tower, we saw a 3D movie. We then walked down through the excavations (“Area G”). We saw David’s palace, city walls, and houses. Some in the group then walked to the Siloam Pool while others took the steps through Warren’s Shaft (2 Samuel 5, although most think that this shaft wasn’t the “water shaft” used) and the 1,700 foot-long Hezekiah’s Tunnel (2 Kings 20, 2 Chronicles 32). The water was extremely high inside Hezekiah’s tunnel, but 6 inches higher than normal! Both groups met at the Pool of Siloam where we read John 9 in dramatic fashion.

About 2 p.m., we enjoyed some free time for the rest of the afternoon. Some explored the Old City while others went back to the hotel. We gathered for a great “Erev Shabbat” (evening of the Sabbath) dinner!

Western Wall BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Southern Steps of Temple BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Master Course BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Hezekiah's Tunnel BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
SW corner of Temple BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Siloam Pool BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


Today was our last full day here in Israel. The cold and off-and-on rain stayed with us today, with temps in the mid 40s. We started off with breakfast, followed by driving  at 8:45 to the Garden Tomb. We read Psalm 137 as we drove.

Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb is an alternative location for the crucifixion and burial site of Jesus. The site is wonderfully operated by evangelicals. After we saw the suggested tomb, we enjoyed a time of worship and Communion. While here, we also took care of our required Covid testing for tonight’s flight.


Old City / Holy Sepulcher Church

We drove from the Garden tomb a very short distance to the east side of the Old City. Here, we entered the Lion’s Gate (also Called St. Stephen’s and Jericho Gate). We visited St. Anne’s Church, a Crusader Church with a 6-7 second echo. We enjoyed singing here! Next to the church is the Pool of Bethesda. We read John 5 of the miracle that took place here. From here we walked through the Old City to the Holy Sepulcher Church. Built in 325 AD, this is the traditional location for the death and burial place of Jesus. The archaeological and historical records favor this site. We were even able to go inside the Edicule (enclosure over the tomb) because of the few tourists here.


Israel Museum

After lunch in the Christian Quarter, we we picked up outside Jaffa Gate and drove to the Israel Museum. First, we saw 1:50 scale model of 2nd Temple Jerusalem. Next, we went through the Shrine of the Book where some of the Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed. Finally, we saw some of the “highlight artifacts” in the archaeological museum that relate to the Bible.


Farewell Dinner & Flight

Driving west out of Jerusalem we arrived in Abu Gosh (ancient Kiriath Jearim, 1 Samuel 7) for our Farewell Dinner. It was a great time of food and sharing. Following good conversation, we drove to the Ben Gurion Airport. We checked in and boarded our flight. We will arrive back in the U.S. early tomorrow morning.

Note: At the time of this posting, we are waiting for our flight and are not yet boarded.

Garden Tomb BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Israel Museum Jerusalem Model BIMT 2022 Israel Tour
St. Anne's Church BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Dan Inscription BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Tomb of Jesus BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour
Israel Museum BIMT Jan 2022 Israel Tour


We all made it back to the U.S. The on-time flight was comfortable, with many of us sleeping a good bit. We praise God for wonderful trip together and an incredible group God brought together.

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