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We are very excited to offer on-line teaching about Israel. It is our way of bringing Israel to you!  It is our deep desire to teach the Bible within the context of the land where it all took place. And we are so glad to have you join us as students of the Bible! For so many people, their dream to travel to Israel may never happen. This is our way to bring Israel to you! This is also our way to teach the land (e.g. “playing board“) of the Bible and to help bring more understanding of the land for you!

  • Go HERE (Passcode: 232802) to register for our next session of our “Traveling Tuesday” series – February 2, 8:30 p.m. EST.
  • Go HERE to watch Traveling Tuesdays Lesson 12 (Jan. 19th session).

Previous Traveling Tuesdays sessions are listed below:

  • View a recording of the Session #1 – Israel: HERE; Session #2 – Israel: HERE; Session #3 – Israel: HERE; Session #4 – Jordan: HERESession #5 – Egypt: HERESession #6 – Egypt: HERESession #7– Greece: HERE; Session #8 – Greece: HERE; Session 9 – Israel: HERE; Session 10 – Israel: HERE.

Dr. John has many other teachings recorded on our YouTube channel HERE. These exciting classes will include the best of our pictures, drone videos of biblical sites and regions, and rock-solid teaching about the land of Israel. Ultimately, we hope God uses this platform to excite people about God’s Word and to encourage people in their walk of faith with Jesus! Stay tuned: Coming in February-March, 2021: “The Institute of Biblical Israel.”

Dr. John Delancey
Dr. John Delancey
Dr. John Delancey

Course: “Biblical Israel: Learning the ‘Playing Board’ of the Bible”

This was a multi-session (8) class that teaches the Bible in context. We used the study of historical geography, biblical archaeology, customs & culture of the Bible, and the Hebraic background of Jesus. This course concluded with bringing to life various stories from the Bible where they actually took place.


1. “Biblical Israel: Learning the ‘Playing Board’ of the Bible.”  You can watch this multi-session course (8 sessions) below or on our Vimeo Channel HERE.  You will find these videos posted towards the bottom of this web page.

2. “Israel Trip Preparation Seminar (This is an on-going 2 session seminar specifically to help each of our tour groups prepare for their Israel trip). The next two sessions will be schedule once our Israel trips resume in 2021.

Future on-line courses will be offered in 2021 and beyond. Check the HOME page of our web site for updates or subscribe to our ministries.

You may also check out our Vimeo Page. You can find it HERE.



Seminar: “Greece Trip Preparation”

This is a two-session seminar designed to help people prepare for each of our upcoming Greece trip. It will be offered next summer about 60 days prior to the September, 2021 Greece trip.


Seminar: “Israel Trip Preparation”

This is a two-session seminar designed to help people prepare for each of our upcoming Israel trip.


The Next On-line teaching scheduled (for the March 2021 group):

Class #1 : TBA in January, 2021

Class #2:  TBA in January, 2021




"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Biblical Israel – Learning the ‘Playing Board’ of the Bible

Jerusalem 1:50 Scale Model

Walk around a 1:50 scale model of Jerusalem with Dr. John DeLancey. Displayed at the Israel Museum today, this model depicts what Jerusalem looked like in 70 AD. The video features teaching about Jesus being here in different parts of the city. We follow Him from the Temple Mount, to the Pools of Bethesda and Siloam, to the palace of Herod the Great, to the place of crucifixion, burial and resurrection. 

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