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Welcome to our “Store” page. This is simply the page where we make available a few resources that will help you understand the Bible in the context of the land(s) of the Bible. We have three (3) sections of resources:

  • Our books (Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel and Devotional Treasures from the Holyland) and topography maps (note: we can only ship within the United States). Note: A price of $30.00 (with free shipping) is offered for the book “Connecting the Dots!”
  • Biblical Israel by Air” drone video (DVD, Thumbdrive, and download formats), and individual site videos (download only)
  • Aerial still photos of biblical sites (download only). A complete set of about 385 photos is available as well as individual photos for each site.

You can order all of these products via PayPal. Note: You can use your credit card through the PayPal process. You do not need a PayPal account to order and pay. If you don’t purchase items on-line, then you can write a check (payable to BIMT) and send it (along with a note of what you want to buy) to BIMT, 2426 Rolling Farms Road, Glenshaw, PA  15116. Once we receive the order, we will mail your item(s) to you in a timely fashion.


Featured Resource: “Connecting the Dots

About the Book
The book features 50 stories from the Bible (25 OT, 25 NT) set in the context in which the stories took place. The archaeological, historical, geographical, and cultural background of these stories is used to bring a deeper understanding of these biblical narratives. Additionally, this 475 page book is filled with a devotional component of learning life lessons for the purpose of encouraging your journey of faith! The book could be used as a personal devotional or as a group Bible study guide. It is also my hope that Connecting the Dots will be a “go-to” book not only for those preparing to travel to Israel, but also for those who are not able to make an Israel trip themselves. The book is meant to bring the land of Israel directly to the reader and to have these 50 stories burst forth with new life, perspective, and application!
Each chapter features the following sub-headings:
  • Consider This – An introduction to the primary biblical story.
  • Connecting with the Land – The geographical, archaeological, and cultural context of the biblical story.
  • Connecting with the Story – The sharing of the biblical story. The text of the story is imbedded in each chapter.
  • Connecting with God – An observation of the ways God is seen in each story.
  • Connecting to our Faith Journey – An intentional way of how we can grow in our faith walk with God.
  • Connecting in Prayer – A closing prayer of application and encouragement.

What others are saying about the book:

Dr. Todd Bolen (Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University Photographer at “Dr. John DeLancey really does “connect the dots” in this engaging study of 25 Old Testament and 25 New Testament stories. Drawing on his extensive study and travels in Israel, Dr. John explains the fascinating geographical and archaeological background of each event before connecting it to our own times and lives. The author’s understanding provides tremendous depth to the stories, and readers will find that not only is their mind instructed but their heart is fed. This book models well the spiritual value of knowing the context of the biblical world.

Dr. Randall Smith (Director of Christian Travel Study Programs, Inc.): “The Bible’s story can be easily misused and misunderstood. This is where context helps dramatically. Setting the text in its physical and cultural context can sound stuffy, but if done well it is entirely the opposite. In Dr. DeLancey’s hands, Bible stories set in their archaeology and landscape are made into both accessible and practical stories that impact our way of living. John sees through the academic jargon to offer the simple observations of the remains left long ago and carefully conveys what the ancients said and did. These lessons require his subtle eye for the spot on the ancient floor where the stone is most worn, as he surmises where people spent their time and energy.”

Chris McKinny, PhD (Archaeologist Research Fellow with Gesher Media): “Pulling from his many years in the Land, Dr. John DeLancey uses the geography, archaeology, cultural background, and larger historical setting of the land of the Bible to re-tell 50 biblical stories. Yet, Connecting the Dots is not just about understanding the historical and geographical background of a given biblical story. Rather, Dr. John integrates these “academic” details with scholarly exuberance and a pastor’s heart.”

The book can be ordered for $30.00, with free shipping. 


“Devotional Treasures” Book & Topographical Maps

Dr. John DeLancey authored the book Devotional Treasures from the Holyland back a few years ago. The book features a summary of 73 sites within Israel. The archaeological , historical , biblical, and contextual background of each site is shared, blended together into a brief word of life application and practice. The price for the book is $22 (this includes free shipping).

The topography map is an excellent resource to learn what we call the “Playing Board” of the Bible. The maps come in two sizes. The small map is $20.00 and the large map (now back in stock) is $30.00. Again, this includes free shipping. The maps are made of a durable plastic. They are sent in a protective box.

NOTE: We can only ship books and topography maps within the United States. So, our apologies to our Canadian friends and everyone else.

“Biblical Israel by Air” Drone Video

SHALOM!  We are excited to offer you a one-of-a-kind biblical resource called Biblical Israel by AirCompiled and narrated by Dr. John DeLancey, this drone video features footage of over 55 biblical sites in Israel as well as a few sites in Jordan. As you fly over numerous archaeological sites and geographic regions mentioned in the Bible you will be “connecting the dots” between the land of Israel and the Bible’s stories. Above you can watch a 2.5 minute preview of this incredible resource!

We are offering it in three (3) formats:


This is a DVD video that will play in your DVD player or computer. The resolution is the standard 720 resolution. The Special Price of $30 (includes free shipping) is being offered. This is the version narrated by Dr. John DeLancey.


This format features two .mp4 files playable on your Smart TV and of course computer. These two files are a narrated version and a non-narrated version. These files are at a much higher 1920 – 1080 resolution. It looks really sharp! The Special Price of $50 (includes free shipping) is being offered.


We have the narrated & non-narrated versions of Biblical Israel by Air available for download directly from our web site for a Special Price of $40.00 each (10 gigs worth). Since we can’t ship DVDs and/or thumb-drives outside the U.S. (not even to Canada, sorry), this is one way those living around the world can have access to it.

PLEASE NOTE: We are having technical issues with the download of the full version. After you purchase it and attempt to download it, currently only 500 megs of video will download for you (for some unknown reason), not the full 10 gigs. SO…. to remedy this, after you purchase the digital download, we will send you another link (google drive) where you can successfully download the entire (and exactly the same .mp4) video. Sorry for this small “glitch” for this digital purchase. We hope to figure this out soon! :). Don’t you just love technology? HA

Also we have downloadable short videos of individual sites. These videos include slightly longer clips of each site that is featured in the Biblical Israel by Air master video. The length of each video varies between two and four minutes, making it ideal for teaching and/or preaching purposes.

We are offering 48 individual sites for direct download purchase. They each sell for $4.00/each.​ Just click on any individual video you want and add it to your cart! It’s that’s simple. You can purchase any of these with your credit card via PayPal. It is safe and easy!

NOTE: After you purchase these short videos, you will receive a confirmation email. Within the email you will see a download link. Simply click on that link and the download will begin immediately.


Individual Site Videos



Aerial Enhanced Still Photos

We are excited to offer you a full collection of HD aerial still photos. Aerial photos of 55 sites are available either as a full set or as individual photos. All these still pictures were taken from our drone project. They all have been color-enhanced, allowing them to “pop” with amazing tones and contrasts.

The complete set is being offered as a special price of $60.00. Currently, this is available only for download. Individual photos of each site (7 photos per site) can also be purchased as a downloadable file for $3.00/each. We will soon have the complete set available in thumb drive format. Stay tuned!

The average resolution of each photo is 2,300-2,400 x 1,200-1,300. These photos would work perfect for scrapbooks and/or insertion into a Power Point or KeyNote presentation for teaching.

Note: To see the seven different photos for each site, simply click on any site. This will take you to a new page. Then click on the drop-down menu “Choose an option” to see all the photos available for download.

Aerial Photography Collection



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