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Tel Burna – Libnah is located in the Shephelah (lowlands) of Judah. Please click on the drop-down menu “Choose an option” to see all the photos available for download.

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A total of seven (7) aerial photos of Tel Burna – Libnah are available for purchase. Each aerial photo was taken with DJI drone photography. The size of each photo is about 3 mgs, with a varied resolution of between 2,300-2,400 x 1,200-1,300. Each photo is color enhanced to assure the best color and tone of the photo.

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Burna-Libnah HD Photography

Burna-Libnah 1, Burna-Libnah 2, Burna-Libnah 3, Burna-Libnah 4, Burna-Libnah 5, Burna-Libnah 6, Burna-Libnah 7


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