Large Raised Topography Map


Many people enjoy studying the Bible with a map like this next to them. One can clearly distinguish the various regions of the land of Israel (e.g. Coastal Plain, Shephelah, Negev, Hill Country of Judah and Samaria, the Lower & Upper Galilee, etc..) as well as the names of biblical cities. Understanding the geography and the proximities of cities is an important part of learning the Bible in the context of the land!



These maps are made of plastic and are an excellent visual in helping understand the different regions of the Bible. The topography / elevations of the land stands out with these maps.

This topographical map measures 21 x 9 inches. The map covers the entire land of Israel, about 300 miles in length. It is a wonderful resource to have in understanding the “playing board” of the Bible!  The map is both flexible and durable.

NOTE: Our large topography map is now back into stock!


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