Shalom!  Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel. Whether we are leading tours to Israel or teaching Bringing the Bible to Life seminars in churches around the country, we aim to prepare and equip people with the proper resources. This page is dedicated to the resources we offer to help you learn the “playing board” (e.g. land) of the Bible as well as the stories and truths of the Bible within the context of archaeology, historical geography, and the customs and culture of the Bible.

Other than our book (Devotional Treasures of the Holy Land) and topography maps, all resources are free and available to all. May these resources help you grow both in the understanding of God’s Word but also in your walk of faith with God!


Primary Resources (for Purchase)

The following are primary resources related to Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours. Each of these resources can be purchased through PayPal. Simply add the items you want to each cart. The totals will be compiled on the Paypal page. (*note: You do not need a PayPal account to order on-line. Just click the “check-out” button on the PayPal page that will appear. You can then simply and safely use your credit card.)

Devotional Treasures from the Holyland – $15.00 (plus shipping)

Devotional Treasures of the Holy Land

The book combines Scripture, Biblical Archaeology, and the Historical Geography of Israel. This “3rd Edition” version provides updated archaeological and geographical information of 73 sites in Israel. This makes the book a valuable resource for anyone who travels to Israel, or is interested in studying the Bible “in context.” Like no other book does, it also uniquely blends “information” about each site with a Scripturally-based devotional lesson and personal application (each person who signs up for a tour with us gets a complementary copy!).

Lois Tverberg (Author of “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus,” “Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus,” and “Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus”) says, “Years of teaching in Israel have made John DeLancey’s ‘Devotional Treasures’ a useful guidebook. Site by site, travelers discover the rich history and culture of each place and meditate on the deeper meaning of their experience in the land.”

For a Kindle version of the book, go HERE. This Kindle version on Amazon is $9.95.

Topography Map – $10.00 (plus shipping)

Israel topography mapThese maps are an excellent visual in helping understand the different regions of the Bible. The topography of the land stands out with these maps.

This topographical map measures 14.5 x 6.25 inches. The map covers the entire land of Israel, about 300 miles in length. It is a wonderful resource to have in understanding the “playing board” of the Bible!  The map is both flexible and durable.

Site Summaries

These are one page summaries of biblical sites in Israel. Each page features and overview of the site itself, biblical references connected to the site, characters, things to see & experience, and a concluding personal reflection. It’s a great handy way to gain an introduction to a site in Israel. This is in the form of a PDF (downloadable, but it may take a while based in its size).

Ideally, our “Site Summary” resource is perfect to use on your smart phone or tablet. It can be accessed through our free phone/tablet app. It is 50+ pages.

You can access and download the “Site Summary” PDF below.

Phone & Tablet App

BIMT has a phone & tablet app makes it ideal for viewing our teaching videos, reading our blogs, accessing our “Site Summaries,” scheduling a BBL seminar, read trip testimonials, explore resources, or linking to various others pages of this web site. There is also a full version “Bible reader” on this app.

You can find it by typing into the search bar –  “Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours.” The app is produced by Custom Church Apps and is suitable for either iPhone (IOS) or Android platform.

You can take a look at our Phone / Tablet App below.

Teaching Videos

Our teaching videos have been created for the purpose of being able to taking you numerous biblical sites and experiences in Israel. While our videos are not quite professional quality (as of yet), they will serve to introduce you to the playing board of the Bible. These videos have been created by Dr. DeLancey. In most of the videos he serves as your personal tour guide. 

All of these videos have been posted on Youtube (“John DeLancey” account) and Vimeo (“Biblical Israel Min & Tours” account).

Click this link below to take you to the Video Page

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Book Recommendations

The following books that we recommend that offers a great initial perspective of the land of Israel, the geography and culture of the Bible,  and the Hebraic Background of Jesus.


REGIONS ON THE RUN (Jim Monson & Steve Lancaster)

ATLAS OF THE BIBLE (Karl Rasmussen)



THE STONES CRY OUT (Randall Price)





MY PROFESSOR SAYS (Tom Tribelhorn)





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Downloadable Teaching

The following are various teachings by Dr. DeLancey. Each are downloadable. Simply click on the title of the PDF.

PDF Docs




ISRAEL & THE CHURCH (by Hebrew for Christians). 



Archaeological Magazines

ARTIFAX (Magazine, Gordon Govier, editor)


CHRISTIANITY TODAY – Each year Gordon Govier (a good friend of BIMT) publishes for Christianity Today a list of the top 10 archaeological discoveries of the year. This CT link takes you to the top discoveries for 2017.

Go HERE for the top discoveries for 2016

Go HERE for the top discoveries 2015

Go HERE for the top discoveries for 2014

Go HERE for the top discoveries for 2013

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Israel Museum Photos


The archeological wing of the Israel Museum is filled with artifacts excavated from sites all around Israel. Here are “highlight photos” of what is seen there.


Anthropoid Coffins, Deir el-Balah, 13th Century BC
Sacrificial Altar, Tel Beersheba, 8th Century BC
Copper Ibex Scepter (cultic figure), Nahal Mishmar, 3,500 BC
Chalcolithic Ossuary, Peki'in, 3,500 BC
Lion Relief, Orthostat Cultic Temple, Hazor, 15th-13th Century BC
Shrine Standing Stones (Masseboth), Hazor, 15th-13th Century BC
Temple Statue, Hazor, 15th-13th Century BC
Cultic Statue with Basin, Hazor, 15th-13th Century BC
Storm god (left) and Temple Standing Stone, Tel Hazor, 15th-13th Century BC
Lion & Lioness Canaanite Stone, Beth Shean, 14th Century BC
Ritual Stand, Beth Shean, 12th-11th Century BC
Dedicatory Inscription, Ekron, 7th Century BC
Royal Fortress Gate, Hazor, 9th Century BC
Aramaic Inscription - House of David, Dan, 9th Century BC
Aramaic Inscription - House of David, Dan, 9th Century BC
Holy of Holies / Sanctuary, Arad, 8th Century BC
Edomite Shrine, Hazeva, 7th-6th Century BC
Assyrian Relief (copy), Carchemish, 8th Century BC
Siloam Inscription (copy), Jerusalem, 8th Century BC
Storage Jar, with LMLK inscription, Lachish, 8th Century BC
Silver Amulet- Aaronic Blessing, Jerusalem, 7th-6th Century BC
Pottery from Hinnom Valley Tomb, Jerusalem, 7th-6th Century BC
Plastered Menorah, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem, 1st Century BC
Fragmentary Temple Greek Inscription, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Large Purification Vessels, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Corinthian Capital, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Theodotos Inscription, Jerusalem, 1st Century BC
Burial Ossuary, Jerusalem, 1st Century BC
Burial Ossuary - Jesus son of Joseph, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Closeup of Aramaic Inscription - Jesus son of Joseph, 1st Century AD
Caiaphas Ossuary, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Joseph son of Caiaphas Ossuary, Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Pilate Inscription, Latin, Caesarea, 1st Century AD
Heal Bone and Iron Nail (copy), Jerusalem, 1st Century AD
Architectural elements from Roman shrine, Omrit, 1st Century BC
Bathhouse, Herodium, Fresco technique, 1st Century BC
Imported Amphorae Pots, Maresha, 2nd Century BC
Elder / Moses Seat, Chorazin Synagogue, 4th-6th Century AD



The Temple built by Herod the Great, a project that began in 22 B.C., was indeed beautiful (Mark 13:1-2)!  Below are specific photos of the 1:50 scale model of the 2nd Temple. The model is built based on archaeological finds, Josephus, and the Mishnah Talmud.


“Context” Web Sites


Biblical Backgrounds – This site is managed by Jim Monson (a former professor of mine), a leading expert in teaching the physical settings of the Bible.  Behind all the Bible – the events, people, and message – is the physical land of the Bible.  The land provides the setting for the Bible.  Downloadable study guide resources are available.

Bible Places – This is the very best site for high resolution photos of Israel and other lands of the Bible. CD’s can be purchased, including impressive aerial photos as well as Powerpoint presentations on The Gospels and The Book of Ruth. The site is provided by Dr. Todd Bolen.

Biblical Archaeology Society – This is a great web site to be introduced to the world of archaeology.  Beware though as some of the articles written don’t necessarily begin with a starting point of the historicity of the Bible.  

Holyland Photos – This is another great photo web site featuring pictures from all over the Biblical world. The site is provided by Dr. Carl Rasmussen. 

Jerusalem Perspective  – Established by Halvor Ronning (an old professor of Dr. DeLancey), this site offers great resources about the cultural background of the Bible.

Bible Mapper – This is a great resource if you are looking fro various maps of the Biblical world. Besides downloads, you can purchase their software to be able to create your own customized maps. 

See the Holy Land – This is an excellent Australian resource for both pictures and articles about Israel.

Modern Israel Web Sites


Touch Point – Touchpoint Israel is your personal link to the Holy Land. No other place on earth has captured the world’s heart and imagination like the ancient land of the Bible. Here you can discover the history, beauty, and culture of Israel with just the click of a button!  Touchpoint Israel is a free educational resource for those who wish to explore the vibrant, multidimensional country of Israel.

Israel Video Network – This is a site that provides interesting video clips about Israel.

Israel National News – This is a leading news outlet for Israel.

Ha-Aretz – This is one of several Israeli newspapers, providing up-to-date news from Israel.  Some articles are subscription-protected, but most are available for reading.

Y Net News: Israel at your Fingertips – This is another news outlet from Israel.

United with Israel – This is a great resource to keep up with current events.

My Jewish Learning – This site offers a great “Modern Israel 101” overview of how the State of Israel was formed. This web site also offers Jewish prayer and study material.

Jewish Virtual Library – A wide range of topics are shared on this web site. From archaeology to modern Israel history and culture, a good understanding of Israel is gained from a thoroughly Jewish perspective.



Miscellaneous Web Sites


Shorashim Biblical Shop – One of our favorite stops in Jerusalem on every tour is to the Shorashim Biblical Store. The shop is owned and operated by two Orthodox brothers, Moshe and Dov. Over the last 25+ years, they have shared with Christian groups about their Jewish faith and culture. They have been intentional in “starting the conversation” between the two faiths for the purpose of understanding. Additionally, everything in their shop is biblically based. From jewelry to art work, all our groups love their store and the conversation that takes place.

The Western Wall / Kotel – The Western Wall (or Kotel) is the most holy place for our Jewish friends! The Wall itself served as the western retaining wall for King Herod the Great as he expanded the Temple Mount platform. It was a project he began in 20 BC. Today, large portions of the Wall can still be seen. After the Israelis re-captured the Old City in June, 1967, the Wall was also given the name Wailing Wall because of the joyful tears shed by 1,000s of Jews who prayed at the Wall for the first time since 1948.

Virtual Tour of the Temple Mount – Take a virtual tour with Dr. Gaby Barkay, one of Jerusalem’s leading archaeologist. He will lead you around the Temple Mount, pointing out and explaining what you see as you go.

Virtual Tour of the Temple Mount – This is a second virtual tour. This video was created by Dr. Joshua Peleg of Bar IIan University.

1:50 Scale Model of Jerusalem’s 2nd Temple

This remarkable model of 2nd Temple Jerusalem offers a wonderful perspective about the size of the city in 70 AD. The model was made originally in the 1960s as a result of using archaeology, historical narratives (e.g. The Mishnah, Josephus, etc…), and the Bible. It is now on display at the Israel Museum.

In this video, you will walk around this model, seeing it from all angles. You will see structures such as the Temple Mount, the Pool of Siloam, the Pools of Bethesda, Herod’s palace, and the two possible locations for the crucifixion site for Jesus.

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