Bringing the Bible to Life” Seminars 

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is a full-fledged evangelical ministry that not only offers rock-solid biblical Christian tours to Israel, but we also teach what we call “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminars. This includes teaching historical geography, archaeology, the Hebraic background of Jesus, and the customs and culture of the Bible to churches and schools all over the country!

We think teaching the physical settings of the Bible is important. We like to call it – “Physical Theology.” This is a term that centers upon the physical backdrop or context of the Bible. And we are eager and ready to come to your church or school and teach a BBL seminar! This is our passion and God-called purpose! It is our way to bring “Israel” and a solid teaching of the Bible in the context of the land to you and your congregation!

Understanding the context of any passage is an exciting essential in discovering the meaning and application of any particular passage. The biblical authors wrote the text of Scripture within the context of the land. The majority of the stories of the Bible took place in the land or what we like to call the “playing board” of the Bible. This is why we love teaching things like biblical archaeology, geography, topography, and daily life and culture in biblical times. It helps the student of the Bible “read between the lines” of the stories of the Bible. What is discovered is an entirely new and eye-opening understanding of God’s Word!

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Dr. John

What is in included in a BBL Seminar?

A “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminar is designed to offer churches 7 hours of unique and exciting multi-media teaching of the physical settings of the Bible in the context of the land of Israel. It is a way for us to bring Biblical Israel to your sanctuary or classroom!
Each BBL seminar covers the following areas of teaching:

Session I: Introduction – “Physical Settings of the Bible”

Session II: “Connecting the Dots” – Geography of Israel

Session III: Archaeology & the Bible

Session IV: Hebraic Background of the Life & Ministry of Jesus *

Session V: Jerusalem in the Old Testament

Session VI: Jerusalem in the Days of Jesus

Session VII: Manners & Customs of the Bible.

* Note: This “Hebraic Background of the Life & Ministry of Jesus” is the newest session incorporated into the overall seminar. It is designed to help you understand and appreciate where Jesus taught, how Jesus taught, and what Jesus taught in the context of the 1st century Jewish culture and customs. It will revolutionize the way you see and understand Jesus and God’s wonderful plan of redemption He came to fulfill!  A fuller “stand-alone” version of the session is also available upon request.

Any BBL seminar can be customized to meet your church’s (or event’s) schedule. Most seminars for churches are held on the weekend, but week-day evenings can also be scheduled. Seminars have already been held at churches all around the country (and even “Zoomed” with churches around the world). Additionally, any seminar can be customized to meet your church’s or school’s schedule.

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A Discipleship Encounter

Our aim in every BBL seminar is to bring the Bible to life through the teaching of the physical settings of the Bible. The seminar includes seven power point presentations, aerial/drone videos and footage, and detailed teaching that will help you “connect the dots” between the many stories from the Bible and the land. Specifically, the Bible will be opened in “3-D color,” including the history and stories of the OT to the life of Jesus!

While the seminar is geared towards helping you understand what we call the “playing board” (the “land”) of the Bible, there are also many life-lessons and spiritual formational applications to be gleaned!  Each seminar provides numerous eye-opening insights and new perspectives into the Bible. At present, Dr. DeLancey teaches all of our BBL seminars!

Listen to what recent seminar participants have said about their experience at a BBL seminar:

We could hardly wait to schedule Dr. DeLancey’s ‘Bringing the Bible to Life’ seminar for our church after our incredible trip to Israel with him. We wanted to share what we experienced with our family and friends, especially those who might never have the opportunity to go to Israel in person. The seminar was hands down the most rewarding event we ever participated in! We were blown away by how much information Dr. DeLancey was able to convey in such a short time, in such a concise way, and with such a unique style that enable us to truly feel as if we’d been on a virtual tour with our own personal guide, teacher, and pastor.” (Roger & Kim, tour participants and seminar hosts, TX)

What an incredible experience it was to sit at the feet of the master last night. He surely does have a zeal that is unexcelled by anyone I have ever had the good fortune to hear.” (Jeanne, a participant in the Madison, WI BBL seminar)

Go to our Ministry Events page for our BBL teaching schedule. Feel free to attend any of our already-scheduled BBL seminars! We’d love to meet you!

John DeLancey

Other Details



Seminars are usually best offered on a weekend (e.g. Friday night 6:30 – 9 p.m. – Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. format). An all-day Saturday format also works well. Additionally, a Sunday format (with preaching included) can also be arranged. This would include preaching on Sunday morning and approximately 3-4 hours of teaching Sunday afternoon. Lastly, an alternative format could be a two-three week-day evenings (e.g. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday evenings). We are open to adjusting the BBL seminar to your church schedule! The bottom line is this: We are happy to accommodate to your church schedule!

Cost to Churches

Because we want to bring “Israel” and our BBL seminar to as many churches as possible, we do not have a set speaking fee. Rather, we now offer our BBL seminar on a free-will offering basis. There is no longer a speaking fee for Dr. John. Hosting churches are also responsible for covering the travel expenses for Dr. DeLancey (e.g. airfare, mileage). To save on the expense of a hotel, Dr. DeLancey is also very happy to stay in the home of a church member. Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours would be delighted and honored to come to your church and offer this teaching! We strongly feel called to serve the local church and to bring this unique and life-changing teaching!

How to Reserve a BBL for Your Church

To reserve a BBL seminar for your church or school, please complete the form below. A $200 deposit is required to secure and hold your weekend (note: this deposit can go towards the travel expense). Checks should be made payable to Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours and be sent to our office at 2426 Rolling Farms Road, Glenshaw, PA 15116.

Our “Mustard Seed” Approach

The mustard plant grows wild in many places in Israel. It has the tiniest of seeds! Jesus used this plant as an illustration of the forward growth of God’s kingdom (Matthew 13:31-32). When we teach BBL seminars, we hope we plant seeds of excitement about God’s Word within every who attends! Our pray is that the Bible will take on a whole new exciting dimension. Ultimately, as even a small mustard seed can grow into a tall bush or tree, our passion is to see this seed grow within you, inspiring growth in your faith-walk with Christ!

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“Wadi Qelt” in the Judean Desert

The Judean Desert is an area that the psalmist describes as a “dry and weary land where there is no water…” (Psalm 63). The Wadi Qelt is a specific part of this region called midbar in Hebrew (desert). The Qelt is a unique area that only receives a few rain events each year. In this video you will take a hike down into the Qelt and experience the unique beauty of this place! There is a Greek Orthodox monastery  at the bottom of the canyon where you can pick up a trail that goes west to east. Walking east takes you to Jericho.

The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) takes place somewhere in this desert between Jerusalem and Jericho.

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