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We are honored and humbled that you are considering one of our Israel trips (as well as to Greece, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt). Dr. John DeLancey, Director of BIMT,  has now led 85 Israel tours and 14 separate Greece & Turkey, and many dozens other trip extensions to Jordan and Egypt. Dr. John is one of the leading evangelical tour guide/teachers who leads multiple trips to Israel each year, and is excited to share his experience, knowledge of the “physical settings” of the land, and expertise with you! It is our ministry mission to offer the very best, most extensive, highly biblical, non “touristy,” and inspirational trip to Israel and other lands of the Bible. Each trip includes a bunch of off-the-beaten-path sites and optional hiking excursions unlike about 90% of most “Israel tours.” Traveling with us is like experiencing a continual “pictorial Bible study.” Going on one of our trips and encountering Israel firsthand is life-transforming! It is the ultimate discipleship encounter! As God leads and provides, we warmly welcome you to join us! Feel free to request a free brochure/packet for any of our Israel trips! Israel trips now scheduled and planned into 2025!

COVID / ISRAEL UPDATE: Israel is back to normal, no longer requiring the vaccination & booster shot and with no testing required at all as well! Sign up early since we are anticipating many more people traveling with us.

We have plenty of Israel tours coming up. All our our trips are unique, with various optional extensions (e.g. Jordan, Turkey, Greece, even a week of digging at an archaeological site). Coming soon we plan to offer tours of Israel on a regular basis for wheel-chair bound people.

“What a marvelous trip!  Your tour really made the Holy Land come alive. Your knowledge and expertise of the biblical history and geography were exquisite and provided the background to learning so much! Thank you! I am still processing the trip and sorting through my notes and pictures. It was the best trip ever! I learned so much and it has already impacted my ability to teach and preach with better clarity! Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next time we can travel with you. Blessings!”  Rev. Dr. Ron (June, 2022, CA)

Sea of Galilee
Mt. Carmel - Jezreel Valley
Drone video of Jerusalem

2023-2024 Israel Tours (& Jordan, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey)

ISRAEL IS OPEN as normal and with no vaccination requirement! Covid testing has also been dropped when entering into Israel at the Tel Aviv airport. Additionally, a test is no longer required to return to the U.S. as well!

Why was this the greatest ever? Because we were with you, John. You are truly the absolute best and we have told so many people already. We MISS you!!!! Thank you for the great pictures and 360 videos…. Wow, what a wonderful bonus!! You taught us so much and took us to wonderful places that we didn’t even get near in 2018 in Israel.  On the scale of 1 to 10 John, you are a 10+……We will do everything possible to bring ministry your way. ” David and Linda (Feb, 2022, WA)

August 6-16, 2023

11 Day Israel Tour (for the more active person). We see about 40+ sites in Israel on this trip. An optional hike (or two) each day is planned. All Inclusive Price: $4,795 from JFK, NY. $3,995 for “land only” travelers. 

September 10-20, 2023

11 Day “Footsteps of Paul” Greece-Turkey Tour, with an option to Italy. We see about All Inclusive Price: $4,795 from JFK, NY. $4,120 for “land only” travelers. There is an optional 4-day extension to Naples, Pompeii, and Rome, Italy. Price is $1,877.

October 22 – November 4, 2023

14 Day Combined Israel-Jordan Tour. We see about 50+ sites in Israel on this trip. Great sites in Jordan too – Gadara, Jerash, Mt. Nebo, Medeba, Petra. All Inclusive Price: $5,444 from JFK, NY. $4894 for “land only” travelers. This is an extensive trip covering two countries!

January 6-19, 2024

14 Day Israel Tour. We see about 60+ sites on this most extensive all-Israel study tour BIMT offers! Many “off-the-beaten-track” sites, with a “reflection day” on Day 9. All Inclusive Price: $4,795 from JFK, NY. $4,195 for “land only” travelers. 

March 8-24, 2024

17 Day “Granddaddy” Egypt-Jordan-Israel Tour. We see about 70+ sites on this most extensive combined biblical study tour BIMT offers! We see all three countries with great detail with many biblical connections throughout. All Inclusive Price: $7,680 from JFK, NY. $6,930 for “land only” travelers. (Note: this combination tour of three countries has not been offered by Dr. John in about 10 years! So we are excited to offer it again!)

March 12-24, 2024

13 Day Israel Tour. We see about 45+ sites on this extensive all-Israel tour! We first drive south all the way to the Red Sea before heading north to the Galilee. We end in Jerusalem. All Inclusive Price: $4,855 from JFK, NY. $4,075 for “land only” travelers.

May 4-14, 2024 (14-18, Greece option)

11 Day Israel Tour, with 4-Day Greece optional extension. We see about 45+ sites on this most thorough Israel tour! A 4-Day Greece optional extension is offered (which includes a one-day Aegean Sea cruise to three islands). All Inclusive Price: $5,162 from JFK, NY. $4,442 for “land only” travelers. $1,599 for the Greece optional tour.

June 6-16, 2024 (with week-going dig option)

11 Day Israel Tour, with a week-long archaeological dig option. We see about 40+ sites on this most thorough Israel tour, with unique summer experiences! All Inclusive Price: $5,177 from JFK, NY. $4,177 for “land only” travelers. Cost of Dig Option: About $800.

September 3-14, 2024 (Men & Spouse Tour)

12 Day Israel Tour. We see about 45+ sites on this most thorough Israel tour, with unique summer experiences! All Inclusive Price: $5,495 from JFK, NY. $4,685 for “land only” travelers. The focus of this trip is discipleship for men. Spouses are welcome to also attend.

September 15-25, 2024 (25-29, Greece option)

11 Day Israel Tour, with 4-Day Greece optional extension.  We see about 45+ sites on this most thorough Israel tour! A 4-Day Greece optional extension is offered (which includes a one-day Aegean Sea cruise to three islands). All Inclusive Price: $4,957 from Washington, DC. $4,259 for “land only” travelers. $1,747 for the Greece optional tour. 11 Day Israel Tour, with 4-Day Greece optional tour extension.  NOTE: This tour is being led by BIMT Board member Dr. Phil McKinney and co-led by Dennis Cesone (a Deaf teacher and guide with several Holy Land tour experiences). It will also include a professionally certified ASL interpreter for translating our Israeli and Greek guides as well as other needed interpretations throughout the tour.

October 15-26, 2024 Greece Tour (26-29, Rome option)

12 Day “Footsteps of Paul” Greece Tour, featuring a 4-Day Aegean Cruise, and optional Rome extension. All Inclusive Price: $5,755 from JFK, NY. $4,999 for “land only” travelers. $1,947 for the Rome optional tour.

November 9-20, 2024 Israel Tour (20-23, Jordan & Southern Israel option)

12 Day Unique Israel Tour, with a Jordan & Southern Israel extension. All Inclusive Price: $5,392 from JFK, NY. $4,545 for “land only” travelers. $1,477 for the Jordan & southern Israel optional tour.


An Additional 2024 Israel Trip will be added:

  • FEBRUARY, 2024 – a shorter 4 all-Israel Tour (will be posted soon)


More 2025 Planned:

  • JANUARY 5-18, 2025 – 14 Day Extensive all-Israel Tour (will be posted soon)
  • FEBRUARY, 2025 – 17 Day Egypt-Jordan-Israel “Granddaddy Tour (will be posted soon)
  • MARCH, 2025 – 14 Day Israel-Jordan combination tour (will be posted soon)
  • MAY, 2025 – 10 Day Israel Tour, with Turkey & 7 Churches of Revelation option (will be posted this summer)
  • And 2-3 more in 2025! Stay tuned!

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

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A “Quick View”

For sure, there are many good Israel tours out there from which to choose. Praise God for this, for more and more believers in Christ need to see and experience the “land of the Bible!” Yet because of the type of tours we lead, we like to humbly categorize our trips as a step above just good … rather, great! 

Dr. DeLancey personally and carefully writes and plans his own trip itineraries that will take you to the maximum number of biblical sites. You will gain tremendously from his vast experience, expertise, and teaching! Our Israel trips are “non-touristy” tours that goes to many sites not visited by the average tour. Additionally, our tours are not cookie-cutter” tours (like 90% of Israel tours are) that visit many “traditional sites and churches. Rather, we offer tours that are more like a  discipleship journey that prioritizes genuine biblical sites, many “off-the-beaten-track” sites as possible, optional hikes, and intentional times of reflection that will engage your mind and heart! Drawing from his one year of study in Jerusalem (at Jerusalem University College in 1981-82)and leading 85 Israel tours to date, you will be on the receiving end of his vast experience and passion. Many of these trips have included Jordan and Egypt extensions as well. He has also led 14 separate Greece & Turkey Tours.

If you are looking for not just a good tour but a great tour, namely a trip that immerses you into the geography of the land and the customs and culture of the Bible, we humbly feel you’ve found the right place! The world of both the Old and New Testament will come alive at each and every site we visit! More specifically, the life and ministry of Jesus will come alive as you will literally walk where The Master walked!

Life Impact

We strongly feel that each and every Israel trip really is the ultimate discipleship program that will transform your spiritual walk with God! Your excitement for reading God’s Word will reach new heights and your heart will be touched beyond imagination! Simply put, a trip to Israel and other lands of the Bible is a lifetime investment in your “faith walk” with God. You will grow stronger and go deeper in your relationship with Christ! You will never be the same!

Jezreel Valley

All-Inclusive Pricing

Each of the tour list “all-inclusive” pricing. This means that all of the following are included in the bottom-line cost of the trip:

  • Round-trip airfare from the listed departing city (e.g. Usually an east coast city: NY, Phila, Newark, Toronto, etc…).
  • Airline taxes & fuel surcharges (these average about $550-650, depending on the tour).
  • Tips ($140-200, depending on the length of the tour). This includes tips for all the hotel services, driver, guide, etc… Dr. DeLancey distributes all of these on your behalf, making it hassle-free for you!
  • Hotels. These are 4 to 4+ deluxe hotels. They are very nice and comfortable, located in great locations!
  • 2 daily meals. A buffet breakfast and dinner are served at the hotels each day. There is always very wide range of food from which to choose (including gluten free foods). You will love the food!
  • You get both of Dr. DeLancey’s books complimentary: Devotional Treasures from the Holyland (2014) and Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel (2022). They will be sent to you about 30-45 days prior to your departure date.
  • All site entrance fees. Depending on the tour, we visit between 12-18 sites (of the 40-60 total sites we see) that are Israel National Parks that require an entrance fee (most “touristy tours” only go to  4-5 parks). These are all covered!
  • Each Israel tour have “early-bird” registration incentives. These discounts range from $50 – $150, depending on when you make your deposit of $500.00 (your deposit is what guarantees your spot on the tour). The early-bird discount is kindly offered by imagine Tours & Travel (iTT). If you have any questions about these early-bird discounts, feel free to call 863-709-9208.
  • An on-line “Trip Preparation” session with Dr. DeLancey about 4-6 weeks prior to every Israel tour (Greece trips too).

Each tour’s detailed pricing is listed on its own tour page of the web site. A link is also provided to sign up on-line through iTT, the agency we exclusively use to arrange all the travel details for each of our trips. You may contact iTT also for specific pricing for helping you make domestic connections from your area airport to our departing airport. They are happy to serve you!

Sea of Galilee

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration for each tour can be done three ways:

1. On Line Tour Registration:

The simplest and quickest way would be use the on-line registration link below. This will take you directly to the web site of the Israel travel agent we exclusively use, imagine Tours & Travel (iTT). They handle all the registration for each of our BIMT tours. They are the best in the business of Israel travel! This is a safe & secure way to place your $500 deposit instantly with your credit card and reserve your spot on this tour.

When this new page opens, simply type in “DeLancey in the box provided. Then click on the specific tour that God is leading you to join. If you have any questions while you are signing up on-line, feel free to call the iTT office (863-709-9208).

(Again, once you see the open box, simply type in “DeLancey” and click “submit.” Once you do this, you will see all the available tours Dr. DeLancey is leading).


2. Download the tour registration form:

You may download the brochure and registration forms directly from the web page of the specific tour that you are considering. You may then print off and complete the form and mail it directly to imagine Tours & Travel along with your $500 deposit that reserves your spot on the tour.


3. Request a free tour brochure:

You may also request a free “Israel information” packet from us by filling out the on-line “request tour information” (below) or by emailing Dr. DeLancey at DrJohn@biblicalisraeltours.com. You may also call him (412-999-5697) if you would like to speak with him and/or ask questions. In our free packet that we mail, we always include a brochure about our ministry and other “goodies!”  We will be happy to mail a packet to you.

Israel Tour Details & Highlights:

Both the Old and New Testaments will come alive in immeasurable ways.  We like to say to people that you will be able to read the Bible in “3-D” once you see the Bible in context. We use the world of archaeology, historical geography, and an appreciation of ancient near-eastern culture to bring the Scriptures alive!  We read Scripture at every site!

Every Israel tour is led by Dr. DeLancey. He has been a  pastor (for 26 years), teacher, and archaeologist. Having studied in Jerusalem for one year and excavated at seven (7) biblical sites in Israel, he leads highly biblical, in-depth Israel tours from an evangelical perspective.

  • Every Israel tour (and to other lands of the Bible) are not only meant to enlighten your understanding of Scripture, but also to touch your heart.  We will enjoy times of worship and reflection together (Dr. DeLancey takes a guitar and lead in worship times along the way). We’ll also share Communion at the Garden Tomb.  We will enjoy the fellowship of one another all day long!
  • We see all of the major sites in Israel, plus a lot more your average Israel tour.  Many Israel tours only take people to traditional sites and churches, without much interaction with Scripture or authentic biblical sites.  But we will take you to a number of off-the-beaten-track sites. Here you will be able to read the Bible, study, and contemplate the biblical story “in context” (history, geography, archaeology) of what’s around us. Every trip is designed for both “first-timers” as well as “returnees” to Israel. You will see much, much more on each of our Bible-based Israel tours. Coach travel makes it comfortable as well. All trips are suited for people with walking abilities at any level.

  • We’ll zero in on the life and ministry of Christ, especially in the Galilee as well as in Jerusalem. We’ll explore the words of Jesus (from Matthew), the works of Jesus (for Mark), the chronology of Jesus’ ministry (from Luke), and both the Deity and yet opposition that Jesus encountered (from John). This is why we need a full two days in the Galilee (while most tours only spend one).
  • We keep your safety as our highest goal.  Rest assured, traveling to Israel is safe! With our personal contacts and connections on the ground in Israel especially, we get updates all the time about the conditions. Despite how our news media sensationalizes the situation there, we view safety as a high priority and it is not an issue at all. We have never had any safety issues in over 30+ years of leading trips.
  • Beside full-day touring (as opposed to partial day), optional morning and evening gatherings (for review, reflection, and worship) are offered for those who just can’t “get enough.” We even throw in some extra “excursions” too (e.g. hike up Arbel, explore at Qumran, Mt Hermon, Zin Desert, Wadi Qelt, nightly walks in Jerusalem, and much more, depending on the tour.)
  • Each person (or couple) gets a copy of the book, Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land (Third Edition, November, 2016) and Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel (2022). It is sent to you around 30-45 days prior to the trip.
  • Private coach/bus. In Israel, we only use newer buses complete with wifi.
  • Private guide. Shlomo Ben Asher is the guide Dr. DeLancey exclusively uses (now about 50 times). He is one of the best! Dr. DeLancey and Shlomo co-teach at sites. When we have two-bus tours, our second guide is always top-notch as well.
  • While on tour, Dr. DeLancey updates the web site each night of the trip with both text and sample photos, allowing your friends and loved ones to follow our daily experiences.  As people see your smiling face on-line, we have literally 100’s who are not only following us but praying for us as well.
  • The average group size for most of Dr. DeLancey’s tours is around 30-50. This means the group would travel together on one bus. Occasionally on more popular tours, the group size can be potentially 51-95. For groups that are larger than 50 people, a second bus is used. When a second bus is required, Dr. DeLancey offers teaching at many sites for both buses, as well as spends time in each bus. On occasions when traveling with two buses is needed, trips still work quite well since “head-set systems” are used during the trip. Our travel agents, imagine Tours & Travel (Lakeland, FL) are the very best in specializing in Israel travel.  At any given time, we have multiple groups in Israel and other countries. iTT views their agency not only as a business but as a ministry that aims to honor God in all they do.  They take care of all the travel details so that we won’t have to! Their entire staff look forward to helping you in any way!
  • Our pricing is always competitive. All the costs of each tour are all-inclusive prices. This means that all the departure taxes & fuel surcharges (presently around $600), airfare, 4 star/4 star plus hotels, 2 meals daily, tips for guides, drivers and hotel services (these are all handled for you), and all site entry fees. On some of our tours, we go to up to 16-18 parks (most other tours go to only 5-7)! All of these fees are covered.
  • Additionally, each Israel tour has an early bird discount for people making early registrations and deposits. Comparing “apples to apples” with other tours agencies, the price is always great! There is even land-only pricing that has been arranged for folks who either want to use their own frequent flyer miles to and from Tel Aviv (or other destinations) and to accommodate those from other countries who wish to join us.  We warmly welcome people from all over the world to join us!  We usually have a few from different countries on every tour!
  • You will also greatly benefit from the on-line “Trip Preparation” session taught by Dr. DeLancey. Prior to your Israel trip (and Greece tours), you will be led through two teaching sessions: A “Trip & Travel” session as well as a “Biblical Connections” session. You get to meet others sign up for the trip too! This teaching is offered through the free Zoom platform.
  • What is not included in the all-inclusive price are the following: The cost of your domestic connecting flight to our departing city, lunches, and travel insurance through Travel Guard (this is recommended but completely optional given today’s airline performance).
  • In today’s technological world where we need to connect all the time, our private coaches/busses that we use have free wifi. This goes for the lobby area of all of our hotels as well. This is a nice practical perk.
  • We offer privately-led tours for churches who may want to travel as their own group. We can even offer your pastor complementary travel so that your pastor can join me in co-leading your group. What a tremendous ministry and  discipleship encounter this would be to experience the Holy Land together as a church family!

As God leads and provides, we look forward to sharing our personal friendship and ministry with you! We are here to serve you and help you grow in your walk of faith with Christ!

Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus Video

From the Galilee to Jerusalem, walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Follow Him all the way to Jerusalem where He both died and rose again!  As the video takes you through these various various parts of Israel and to some of the specific sites where he taught, healed, and shared the kingdom message, we wanted to give you a sense of what it was like to walk in his sandals and experience these places yourself! In a very rabbinic way in the 1st century, to walk in the dust of the rabbi meant to be covered (e.g. like dust) with His teaching. We hope that the kingdom ministry of Jesus becomes real and transforming to you through this video as you retrace his footsteps throughout the land where it all happened!

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