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Welcome to the fourth video page. This page is dedicated to the on-site videos produced by Dr. John DeLancey, Director of BIMT. These videos are arranged according to the regions of the land of Israel. While some of the videos features specific teaching, other videos do not have commentary. Videos from other lands of the Bible (Jordan, Egypt) are also included.

Some of these videos are older than others, yet new videos (including more drone videos) are being produced on a regular basis. Direct links to these videos can be found on both our Vimeo as well as YouTube web pages. We hope you enjoy and learn from these videos from various regions and sites in Israel and other lands of the Bible!

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Videos from the Various Regions of Israel (& other Bible Lands)


Coastal/Sharon Plain:

The Coastal Plain borders the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a flat region through which the Via Maris (the main south-north ancient route) runs. The southern area of this plain is called theCoastal or Philistine Plain, while the northern part is called the Sharon Plain.

The one video featured from this region is:

Caesarea Maritima


Jordan Valley:

The region of theJordan Valley is located between the Sea of Galilee (to the north) and the Dead Sea (to the south). The valley borders the county of Jordan. The entire valley is under sea level (almost 700 – 1,400 feet). Under Joshua’s leadership, the Israelites crossed this valley (and river) to enter the Promised Land. The videos from this region include:

Jericho (the site)

Jericho, a Word of Greeting

Beth Shean


The Negev:

The Negev is located in the southern end of Israel. It is a very arid region of the land, with limited rainfall (4-8 inches/year). The two primary cites of the Negev in biblical times (as well as today) were Beersheba and Arad. The videos from this region include:

Tel Beersheba

Tel Arad

The Wilderness of Zin

The Full-scale Tabernacle Model at Timnah


The Country of Jordan:

To the east of Israel is the courts of Jordan. Many biblical events took place on this side of the Jordan River. Moses and the Israelites came up through the regions of Edom, Moab, and Ammon en route to the Promised Land (Moses died on Mt. Nebo prior to the crossing). The videos include from this region include:


Wadi Rum


The Country of Egypt:

Egypt is the land of the Nile River! It’s civilization goes back to the early days of Genesis. It is also the land of the Pharaoh! Located south and west of Israel, this land is primarily a desert. The main attractions are the Pyramids & the Great Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Aswan, and Luxor (e.g. the Valley of the Kings, and the Temples of Luxor and Thebes. The Sinai Desert is also in Egypt today. The videos include from this region include:

The Pyramids of Egypt

Mt. Sinai



Miscellaneous & Fun Videos:

This last section of videos features some fun miscellaneous videos. One video features the time when Dr. DeLancey “re-prosed” to his wife, Sue, on top of Arbel (overlooking the Sea of Galilee) for their 25th wedding anniversary. The last video was taken when Dr. DeLancey served as lead pastor in an evangelical church in the Pittsburgh area. Life is too short not to have fun (and act a bit crazy!).  We hope you will enjoy the following videos:

The Re-proposal on Arbel

Mini Man”

Cambodia Teaching/Mission Trip at ITCS

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