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Dr. John DeLancey - Biblical Israel Tours

Dr. John DeLancey, Director and Tour Leader for Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours


Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours is a full-fledged highly evangelical ministry that is all about leading highly biblical Christian tours to Israel (Holyland study tours) as well as offering “Physical Settings of the Bible” seminars. This includes speaking and teaching historical geography, archaeology and biblical culture to churches, Christian high schools, colleges, and seminaries.

Most of “biblical education” in today’s churches and Christian schools only include biblical theology, doctrine, and practical application. All of these disciplines are both good and necessary, but it leaves out an important aspect of study – namely – “Physical Theology.”  This is a term that centers upon the physical backdrop or context of the Bible. Regrettably, it’s often a missing part in biblical education or Bible study.


Dr. DeLancey teaching in the synagogue in Capernaum

Understanding the context of any passage is essential in discovering the meaning and application of any particular passage.  The biblical authors did not write the Bible with 21st century western believers in mind.  Rather, they wrote the text within the context of their world.  Thus, any study of the land (e.g. the “playing board” of the Bible), the topography, daily life in biblical days, and the culture helps the student of the Bible “read between the lines” of the stories of the Bible.  What is discovered is an entirely new and exciting world!

On behalf of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours, Dr. John DeLancey (while not in Israel leading study/discipleship trips) travels all around the country offering Physical Settings of the Bible seminars. We would love to come to your church or school and help make the Bible come alive!

Here is some useful information about our “Physical Settings of the Bibleseminars:

  • WHAT IS A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” SEMINAR?  A “Physical Setting” seminar is specifically geared for churches, Christian High Schools, colleges, and seminaries.  A seminar provides biblical education focused on teaching the physical settings of the Bible (e.g. “Physical Theology”).  This includes the unique teaching of biblical archaeology, historical geography, and the cultural context of the Bible.  Seminars for churches include 5 – 7 hours of multi-media presentations.  At the academic level “Physical Theology” classes are offered at the Christian high school, college, and seminary level.  All teaching uniquely contain both an “informational” and spiritual “formational” discipleship encounter.
  • WHAT IS COVERED IN A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” SEMINAR?  The multi-media teaching sessions include the following: Session I: Introduction – “Physical Settings of the Bible” (“Bringing the Bible ‘to Life’ in Its Context”); Session II: Connecting the Dots” – Geography of Israel; Session III: Archaeology & the Bible; Session IV: Jerusalem in the Old Testament; Session V: Jerusalem in the Days of Jesus; Session VI: Manners & Customs of the Bible. Note: An additional “Hebraic Roots of Jesus” is now also offered upon request. The full session handout can be sent to you by request. *Note: Any seminar can be customized to meet your church’s or school’s schedule.

    Physical Settings of the Bible

    The registration table at a recent seminar in Nebraska

  • HOW DO CHURCHES SCHEDULE A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” SEMINAR?  Scheduling a seminar for your church can be done by contacting Dr. DeLancey.  Seminars are usually best offered on a weekend (e.g. Friday night – Saturday noon format).  A Sunday format (with preaching included) can also be arranged. This would include preaching on Sunday morning and approximately 3-4 hours of teaching.
  • WHAT IS THE COST TO HOST A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” SEMINAR FOR OUR CHURCH?  The cost of a weekend (Friday night – Saturday) that includes 5 to 7 hours of teaching is $500, plus travel expenses. The cost for a Saturday-Sunday format of 5-7 hours of teaching plus preaching on Sunday morning is $750.00, plus travel expenses. Churches can charge a nominal seminar fee for participants, thus essentially covering the cost of the seminar. (Note: For small churches on a limited budget, the speaking fee can be negotiated to make it work for you. No church will be turned down. Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours desires to serve you in any way).
  • WHAT IS THE TEACHING FORMAT FOR SCHOOLS?  Christian colleges and seminaries can arrange specific classes for academic credit through an adjunct contract.  “Physical Theology” classes can vary in length, dependent on the level of course credit.  If a study tour of Israel is arranged and scheduled through us, a “pre-trip” preparatory class can be arranged.  Scheduling the class as an concentrated module is the most workable format.

    Physical Settings

    Getting ready for the seminar!

  • WHAT IS THE COST FOR HAVING A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” CLASS FOR OUR SCHOOL?  For Christian high schools, a 3 hour “guest lecture” would cost $300.00, plus travel expenses. (Note: Again, this speaking fee can be negotiated. No high school will be turned down). For colleges and seminaries, cost would be determined by the length of the course and the school’s adjunct professor policies.
  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A “PHYSICAL SETTINGS” SEMINAR OR CLASS?  This teaching will allow the student of the Bible to see and understand the biblical text in “3-Dimensions.”  It will bring new and unique insights into the study of the Bible.  It provides an amazing opportunity for people (especially those who physically or financially cannot) to “visit Israel” even without leaving the church. The Word of God comes alive in life-transforming ways.  Studying the Bible “in context” will inspire one’s walk of faith.

Click HERE to download the Physical Settings of the Bible participant’s handbook.

Please call Dr. DeLancey (412-999-5697) to schedule your seminar or teaching experience.