The “Moses Seat”

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and other biblical countries (Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy). There are over 100 biblical sites in Israel alone that have been excavated. The interesting site of ancient site of Chorazin is one of them.

This site was located high above on the hills overlooking the NW corner of the Sea of Galilee. While the ruins we see in this video are from the 3rd Century AD, Jesus must have visited this site. Along with Capernaum and Bethsaida, condemns the city for their unbelief (Matthew 11).

Among the ruins that is most interesting is the Moses Seat. It was discovered something like 70 years ago. It was apparently where the most important religious leaders sat when they taught in the synagogue. The Aramaic inscription on the seat honors the man who donated to the building of the synagogue.


“Chorazin was an ancient city high above the NW corner of the Sea of Galilee. Among the 3rd century ruins, a “Moses Seat” was found. This was where the important religious leaders sat as they shared their teachings.”
I hope that this teaching and video from Matthew 23 help you better understand the words of Jesus. He wants us to live humbly before Him! Go HERE to see all our YouTube teachings and videos.
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