An encouraging word from 2 Chronicles 20

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and other biblical countries (Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy). We teach the historical geography of the Bible as well as archaeology, customs and culture of the land. We aim to make connections between  the Bible and the land in all that we do. In this post, we share a shorter five-minute devotional word from Israel, specifically from the area of Ein Gedi. Devotions from Israel is our latest series of teachings that we are happy to share with you today!

2 Chronicles 20 is our text for this devotional. The setting is the oasis of Ein Gedi. This is where three invading armies from the east side of the Dead Sea are gathered. They are advancing westward towards Jerusalem, where Jehoshaphat is the king of Judah. At first the king is “alarmed” (the Hebrew word is fearful) upon hearing the news of a possible attack on the capital. Yet he resolves to see God in the midst of this predicament. He prays to God, “Lord, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.” I suggest that this is the key verse in the entire narrative! Underline it in your own Bible!

As the story progresses, all of Judah come to Jerusalem for a prayer and fasting gathering. The people humble themselves and seek God’s guidance. They then march eastward through the deserts of Tekoa and Judea to confront these armies. Standing on the Ascent of Ziz (the cliff overlooking Ein Gedi, the last slide), they see the hand of God intervene in a miraculous way.

I suggest reading the entire narrative yourself.


“When we really don’t know what to do during a crisis of any kind, this is the time to look to God for help, strength, and intervention. He will never leave us nor forsake us in times of trouble.”
I hope you enjoy this video below. These five minute devotionals will be produced on a regular basis. We will try to share two devotionals per week at the start. As you are encouraged by the video, please consider sharing this post with others for their encouragement as well. The Bible was written not just to give us an inspired view of who God is, but also to help us grow in our faith-walk with Jesus.

Other resources available

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We want to bring the Bible to life for you! We also want to encourage you in your walk of faith!

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