An encouraging word from 1 Samuel 17

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and other biblical countries (Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy). We teach the historical geography of the Bible as well as archaeology, customs and culture of the land. We aim to make connections between  the Bible and the land in all that we do.

In this post, we share a shorter five-minute devotional word from Israel, specifically from the Elah Valley. Devotions from Israel is our latest series of teachings that we are happy to share with you today!


About the Devotional

The Philistines were the arch-enemy of Israel for 100s of years. They were located in five primary cities in the Coastal Plain and on the western side of the Shephelah (Lowlands) of Judah. One of their giants, Goliath, lived in Gath, only about 6 miles from the battlefield.
With the Philistines camped on one side of the Elah Valley, with the Israelites (led by Saul) camped on the other hills, a narrow valley between them was where Goliath taunted the Israelites. Yet David comes from the Hill Country of Judah to bring aid and relief to his brothers. Armed with only a few smooth stones, he confronts the giant. However, David had more than just a few stones. He had confidence and trust in God.

“God invites us to give to Him all our ‘battles’ of life. He is capable in strengthening us for the challenge. He walks with us into the battle, offering us confidence that leads to victory.”

Elah Valley
The battles of life that we face can sometimes intimidate us. Yet armed with faith in a God who is greater than any circumstance we may face, we can withstand the taunts of doubt and defeat. Like David, we are invited to stand firm in God!
I hope you enjoy this video below. These five minute devotionals will be produced on a regular basis. We will try to share two devotionals per week at the start. As you are encouraged by the video, please consider sharing this post with others for their encouragement as well.

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