An encouraging word from Mark 4

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and other biblical countries (Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy). We teach the historical geography of the Bible as well as archaeology, customs and culture of the land. We aim to make connections between  the Bible and the land in all that we do.

In this post, we share a shorter five-minute devotional word from Israel, specifically from the area of the Sea of Galilee. Devotions from Israel is our latest series of teachings that we are happy to share with you today!


About the Devotional

The Sea of Galilee is a beautiful place to visit. It is a freshwater lake about 13 miles long and close to seven miles at the widest point. As recorded in Mark 4, Jesus and His disciples were all in a boat heading to the eastern side of the lake. Because of the unique topography surrounding the lake, a storm came up without wanting. They probably encountered an eastern wind, called Sharkia today by local residents. Yet Jesus calmed the waters and the winds. Jesus displayed His authority (s’mekah in Hebrew) over nature.

“We are released from the grip of fear and anxiety when we thank Him for His sovereign power and purpose for the storms. We can trust His promise that His peace will guard our hearts and minds so that we will not be fearful or anxious during the storm (Shannon McCoy).”

Sea of Galilee
Jesus can also calm our storms of life. Storms often come without warning in our life, don’t they? Storms can catch us by surprise. Yet God cares for us in the midst of the storm no matter how we react to them.
Storms can certainly rock our boat, but through a confident trust in God we can weather the storm. While storms can be hard to endure at times, they also can provide opportunities to learn valuable life lessons for us. I pray that God will help you get through your storms of life! I suggest reading the entire narrative yourself: Mark 4:35-41.
We want to bring the Bible to life for you!  We also want to encourage you in your walk of faith!
I hope you enjoy this video below. These five minute devotionals will be produced on a regular basis. We will try to share two devotionals per week at the start. As you are encouraged by the video, please consider sharing this post with others for their encouragement as well.

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