An encouraging word from 1 Kings 18

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This is another session in the new series of teaching videos called “Devotions from Israel.” This brief five-minute devotional comes from 1 Kings 18. This story is about the the boldness of Elijah and the mighty power of God. I hope this brief word brings you encouragement today!


About the Devotional

Elijah was deemed by Ahab (the king of Israel at this time) as a “trouble-maker.” Elijah was the only prophet of God representing the truth of God. Ahab had no problem with the 450 prophets of Baal (god of rain and thunder) and the 400 prophets of Asherah (goddess of fertility), but he despised Elijah. Jezebel, Ahab’s wife, did also. Both Ahab and Jezebel had no regard for the true God!
The confrontation between Elijah and the prophets of Baal and Asherah took place somewhere on the Carmel Range. We are not told precisely where. The entire Carmel Range is about 13 miles long. However, the traditional location where the 1 Kings 18 event took place is called Muhraqa today. This place provides a wonderful view of the Jezreel Valley below.
The story takes on an almost comical feel to it as Elijah mocks the false prophets. Baal didn’t show up and Elijah knew he won’t. In the end of the story, Elijah calls upon God, announces God’s greatness to all, and witnessed God’s intervention as He brought fire on the altar Elijah built.

“The 1 Kings 18 story gives testimony of Elijah’s boldness and God’s greatness and power. The blending of the two serves as a reminder to us that our role is to represent and trust in God well, no matter the circumstances. After all, God is all-powerful and worthy of praise!”

Sea of Galilee
Although greatly outnumbered, Elijah stood firm in his confidence in the God he represented and served. The prophet’s boldness was on full displayed that day as God’s might and power was witnessed by all!  There was no doubt that day who the true God was!
I hope you enjoy this video below. These five minute devotionals will be produced on a regular basis. We will try to share two devotionals per week at the start. As you are encouraged by the video, please consider sharing this post with others for their encouragement as well.

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