An encouraging word from Judges 4


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This is another session in the new series of teaching videos called “Devotions from Israel.” This brief five-minute devotional comes from Judges 4. The setting for this narrative is northern end of the Jezreel Valley and Mt. Tabor.


About the Devotional

I love battle stories from the Bible when the underdog wins. There are a number of these narratives in the Old Testament. Judges 4 records one of these battles where the underdog won!
The period of the Judges was characterized as a cycle of disobedience, trials, repentance, and turning back to God. However, a pattern of disobedience resumed time and time again after a period of peace and safety.
Early in this period of the Judges, Barak and Deborah found themselves challenged by Jabin, the Canaanite ruler who reigned from Hazor (north of the Sea of Galilee). His general, Sisera, led his formidable enemy into a confrontation with the Israelites. The location of the ensuing battle was the northern end of the Jezreel Valley. He had 100s of chariots which threatened the safety and security of the Israelites.

“I always wondered how much Barak was surprised to see how God intervened on behalf of the Israelites? Sisera’s army was routed decisively. As a result, Deborah sings forth praise to God in her song (Judges 5).” 

The battle that eventually took place unfolded near Mt. Tabor, the dome-shaped hill hovering prominently above the valley. This is where Barak positioned himself, as strategically placed by Deborah. If you have ever been to the Precipice of Nazareth (see the picture above), you could see Mt. Tabor and the battlefield directly below you. This is where God once again intervened on behalf of His people.
As a result of his defeat, Sisera, the Canaanite general, ran from the battlefield to the east of Mt. Tabor where he attempted to find refuge from the Israelites. Contrary to the safety he expected to find, a rather surprising end to his life took place. It has been said that what Jael did to him took him so much by surprise that it was the ‘last thing that entered his mind.’ 🙂
Be encouraged today, that God still intervenes on our behalf, sometimes in surprising ways!
I hope you enjoy this video below. These five minute devotionals are produced on a regular basis. We are sharing two devotionals per week this summer. As you are encouraged by the video, please consider sharing this post with others for their encouragement as well.

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