Day 8: Sunday, September 12: Flight to Istanbul & Athens, Cape Sounion

Today was another travel day. We had two great days here in Turkey. We visited biblical sites as well as got a good taste of the culture of the country. We were once again greeted by mild temperatures and full sunny skies today. Following breakfast, we boarded our bus and headed to the Izmir Airport.

Flight to Athens

All our flights and connections went well today. Our flight from Izmir to Istanbul was a short one. Upon arriving, once again we did a lot of walking in the Istanbul Airport. We had to go through further passport checks, but made it to our gate for our short flight to Athens.

“We returned to Greece today. The day was long yet there is still more to see here in Greece. It was so fun to see Aliki’s excitement in welcoming us back.”  –Tour Member-
Aegean Sea Greece Dr. John DeLancey

Cape Sounion/Dinner

We landed in Athens and were greeted by Aliki and Stathis. Directly from the airport we drove to Cape Sounion. The drive along the Aegean Sea was ver nice. The Temple of Poseidon was quite impressive. Poseidon was the god of the sea, offering protection to sailors. Perhaps Paul past this temple on his way to Athens. If so, he would have seen this coastline temple from his ship.

Following the visit to the site, we enjoyed dinner at a nice Greek restaurant located right on the Aegean Sea. It was really good! We then drove back for a late check-in at the hotel. We look forward to two more days here in Greece.


Day 9: Monday, September 13: The Peloponnese: Corinth, Mycenae

Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion John DeLancey
Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion John DeLancey
Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion John DeLancey
Greek dinner John DeLancey

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