Day 10 – Tuesday, September 19: Athens


Today was our last full day in Greece and was another great day. We once again enjoyed sunny blue skies, with temps in the 80s. Perfect! We would spend the entire day in Athens, the capital of Greece. We read from 1 Corinthians 3 as we left the hotel at 7:40 am.


Athens – Acropolis

We drove a short distance to the Acropolis. As we arrived, we began our climb up past the odeon (small theater that held 5,000) and the Temple of Nike, and through the Propylea (“gate-way” marked with huge pillars today). Reaching the top we saw the Erechtheum (a temple built in 421-406 BC honoring Athena, Poseidon, and Erechtheus a local goddess) and the Parthenon (built between 447-432 BC). Looking down on the top from the Acropolis in all directions we could see the Temple of Zeus, the Agora (the center of economic and public life) the Stoa of Attilos, and Mt. Lycabetus.

Leaving the Acropolis we stood at the base of the Rock of Areopagus (“Mar’s Hill) where Paul delivered his testimony. We read this speech he gave (recorded in Acts 17). In the context of the pagan customs and culture of the day, Paul was quite bold in proclaiming Christ here. Praise God for those who heard and responded to Paul’s message that day!

Leaving this area, we boarded back on the bus and enjoyed a brief city tour of Athens. We Past by the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, and the old Olympic stadium of Athens (made of all marble and restored for the 1896 Olympic Games).

“Our final day of the Greece portion of the tour was a great one, a highlight int many ways! We walked to the top of the Acropolis of Athens today. The Parthenon is incredible to see up close. Then to stand on the Rock of Areopagus and hear the words of Paul spoken here (Acts 17) was inspiring!”
Mars Hill Rock of Areopagus Athens 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey


About 12:30 we said goodbye to Aliki. We enjoyed lunch and some free time the rest of the afternoon in the Plaka, Athen’s marketplace/shopping area. Some in the group even hiked up to the top of Lycabetus. This is the highest hill around Athens. The view was a bit hazy but you can see all of Athens from here, including the Acropolis and the port of Piraeus!

We all returned to the hotel for dinner at 7 p.m. Most of the group (25) fly early to Naples, Italy tomorrow (a 8 am flight), while 10 in the group fly home (a 7 a.m. flight). A few are staying longer in Athens.

It was a great Greece trip with many incredible sites and biblical connections!


Day 11 – Wednesday, September 20: Flight home or Naples, Pompeii, and Rome, Italy

Acropolis Athens Propylaea 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey
Acropolis Athens Parthenon 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey
Athens Agora 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey
Acropolis Athens Parthenon 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey
Acropolis Erecheteon Athens Parthenon 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey
Athens Lycabetus 2023 Greece Tour John DeLancey

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